Make the Perfect Liner for a Summer Tote

by Homeroad
3 Materials
2 Hours
This summer tote bag project took surprisingly no time at all and involved a pre-made tote bag. I had the perfect fabric that belonged to my grandmother and I've been saving it for years.
I began with a store bought tote bag. This one is the perfect size for the summer and holds a lot! I've been thinking for a while now how to embellish the bag then remembered I had this gorgeous bark cloth fabric from my grandmother. The background of the vintage fabric matched the bag perfectly. It was meant to be! 
I measured the inside of the bag and added about an inch for a seam. I put the right sides together and sewed a seam to create a tube of fabric. Next, I created a hem along one side, this is going to be the top of the liner. 
I fit the liner into the tote to estimate where the bottom of the tote would be. I then sewed the bottom of the tube of fabric closed. I created little triangles on either side so the liner would be square at the bottom. 
The tote came with a removable plastic bottom. I wrapped the plastic with fabric using a glue gun and set it aside.I set the liner into the bag and using a glue gun, attached it to just under the lip of the tote bag. You can hand sew,  use Stitch Witchery, or hot glue for this part.  
The next step was to put the square bottom back into the lined tote and secure it with hot glue. Lastly, I made a small rosette by cutting a strip of the bark cloth fabric, folding it in half, then twisting it and hot gluing it until I had a rosette. 
This great tote has pockets in the front, a strap for over the shoulder as well as two handles and a snap to close the bag. 
This project was not hard, it really only involved a couple of straight seams on the sewing machine. I love the new look of the bag, it is more sturdy than before and looks great. It was also a great project to use the vintage fabric I've been saving all these years. Please visit my DIY blog to sign up for my emails so I can send my latest DIY tutorial straight to you!
Suggested materials:
  • Fabric tote   (Amazon)
  • Vintage fabric
  • Hot glue   (Amazon)

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