How to Make an Organza DIY Bucket Hat That's Perfect for Summer

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to level up your DIY bucket hat game! I have created a 5-panel bucket hat sewing pattern for this, and I’ll show you how to sew a bucket hat with this pattern.

You can use any fabric with this pattern, but I decided to go for organza to bring in a chic element. Let’s get sewing!

Tools and materials:

  • Free bucket hat sewing pattern ( sign up to my newsletter to get the pattern)
  • Cutting mat
  • weights/pins
  • ½ yard organza or other fabric like cotton, linen, or canvas
  • 26” ribbon or binding
  • Rotary blade or scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
DIY bucket hat pattern

1. Download and print the pattern

Head on over here to download the free bucket hat sewing pattern. You’ll notice this hat has two styles with four different pieces.

The DIY bucket hat has a head circumference of 24.5 inches. It sounds like a lot, but for me, it fits well. 

How to print the pattern

When printing the pattern, make sure to select the “actual size” scale or a 100% scale on an A4 or US letter paper size. 

Bucket hat panels

Pattern pieces A and B

You'll only need to use pieces A and B for this cute little DIY bucket hat. The triangular piece is one of 5 panels that make up the cap of the hat. So, go ahead and cut 10 of these, 5 for the outer fabric and 5 for the lining. 

Hat brim pattern

The brim piece is to be cut on the fold to create the entire hat brim with a seam in the back. You’ll need two of these. 

Note: The seam allowance for this pattern is 3/8” all around. 

Cutting out the pattern pieces

2. Cut the pieces

I’m using a rotary cutter and mat. Also, since organza shifts easily, I made sure to pre-fold and iron the fabric. Also, be sure not to cut these panels off grain when using organza. 

So, cut; 

  • 2 brim pieces on the fold
  • 10 hat cap pieces

You can also fold your fabric four times, iron, and cut to make more pieces without cutting the cap pieces individually. 

Tip: If you’re a beginner, I suggest doing your DIY bucket hat in cotton, linen, or canvas. 

Sewing the cap panels together

3. Sew the cap pieces

Now, I will show you how to sew the bucket hat! Start by sewing two cap pieces together on one long side, right sides together. 

Sewing three panels together

Open up the sewn panel and add another panel to create a 3-panel portion. Line the new panel to the center seam of the stitched panel. 

Sewing two panels together

Next, sew the remaining 2-panel pieces together. 

Sewing the three-panel piece to the two-panel piece

Then, sew this 3-panel piece to your 2-panel piece in one long seam to create the full 5-panel cap. 

Matching the panel seams

Make sure to match the panel seams at the top so that they intersect perfectly. 

How to sew a bucket hat

Next, repeat this with the other 5-panel pieces to create a separate cap. 

Ironing the hat on a tailor's ham

Use your tailor's ham to iron the seams to one side. You could also topstitch your seams as you sew them. 

Matching the seams together

You can skip this step if it does not seem easy, but this will keep your shell and lining caps together. On each separate cap, find your long seam and match these seams together. Make sure the same amount of panels is facing each other. 

Sewing the caps together

Now, sew along the long seam to connect both caps. 

Make your own bucket hat

Flip it out, and you have an inseparable cap. 

Tip: Alternatively, place the caps together and hand-stitch the top. 

Sewing the brim for the bucket hat

4. Sew the brim pieces

Take your two brim pieces, and with the right sides together, sew the open ends. 

Pressing the seams open

Finger press or iron the seams open and place each piece right sides together. That means the smooth side of your seam will be touching. 

Sewing around the outer perimeter of the brim.

Sew around the outer perimeter of the brim. 

How to make a bucket hat

Open the brim and iron the seam allowance to one side so that you can understitch it. This is an optional step but gives off a nice, clean, finished look. 

Understitching the seam

Now understitch the seam. Ensure the seam is facing the side that will be facing down when wearing the hat. 

Ironing the edges

Turn this out and iron the edges. 

Attaching the brim to the cap

5. Assemble the DIY bucket hat

Place your cap right sides down, and match the raw edges of the brim to the cap’s raw edges. The right sides of the brim should be facing down, too. 

Attaching the brim to the cap diagram

Be sure to match the seams accordingly. 

Sewing the brim to the cap

Pin all the way around and sew! 

Binding for the raw edge

6. Add binding

Since I don’t want this raw edge showing and I want to cover the seam, I opted for a piece of binding. 

Sewing the ribbon binding

With the brim of your hat facing up, sew your ribbon to the seam allowance ⅛” away from the original seam. 

Folding and sewing the other side

When you come back to where you began, fold under the raw edge of the ribbon so it covers the other end. 

Topstitching the binding

Push your seam allowance upward and do a topstitch about a ¼ “ away from the seam. 

DIY bucket hat

DIY bucket hat tutorial

Here’s the finished DIY bucket hat! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Now you can make your own bucket hat in any color or print that you like! 

Suggested materials:
  • Free bucket hat sewing pattern
  • Cutting mat
  • Weights/pins
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