Here's How to Turn Any Purse Into a Backpack

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Here is a great backpack hack that will have you turning your purses into backpacks in no time, with one very simple, but clever maneuver.

All you need is a purse with a shoulder strap to get this handy new backpack!

Tools and materials:

  • Any purse with a shoulder strap
Purse at front

1. Start with your purse in front of you

Hang your purse around your neck, with the front of your purse facing your body.

Moving strap to back

2. Move the strap to your back

Slip one arm through the purse strap.

Slipping arm through strap

Then slip your other arm through the purse strap.

Now the strap is across your upper back.

Flipping purse

3. Flip your purse

Now just lift your purse and flip it over your head.

Easy backpack hack

Here's how to turn any purse into a backpack

Do you see what happened there? Your purse strap just became backpack straps, and the front of your purse is now facing out.

No more sore shoulders and upper back. The weight of your purse is evenly distributed!

Try this out when you’re wearing your purse on your shoulder and it either gets too heavy, or you just need to move it out of your way.

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Suggested materials:
  • Any purse with a shoulder strap

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  • Vlh1957064 Vlh1957064 on Feb 16, 2023

    Very creative but I'd be afraid that it would be too easy for someone to snatch something out of my purse. Cute purse by the way!

    • Sharol Nelson Sharol Nelson on Feb 16, 2023

      I AGREE! Also too difficult to get at it quickly to protect it if someone is trying anything. That is why I always buy purses with 3/4 length straps. They fit in close under my arm and I know it is protected.