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Here I have a quick, to-the-point tutorial on how to apply a set of false lashes and how to quickly remove them. It is a bit of a back-to-basics, but there are plenty of people out there that struggle with this, so I wanted to share my top tips.

Tools and materials:

How to remove lashes from packaging

1. Gently roll eyelashes out of the packaging

Roll your thumb away from the band while gently tugging on the lash. This prevents you from distorting the shape of the eyelashes, and you also don’t ruin the very ends of the eyelashes either, which can happen.

Applying eyelash glue to the false eyelashes

2. Apply the perfect amount of eyelash glue

Often people apply too much eyelash glue or not enough. The perfect amount is when you coat all along the top of the eyelash band, making sure you’ve also got glue on either end because these are the areas that will tend to lift.

Applying false eyelashes with tweezers

3. Place false eyelashes with tweezers

The easiest way to place the eyelashes on the eyelid is to take some tweezers in the middle of the eyelash band. Then, looking down slightly into a mirror, place these directly on the center of your eyelashes.

Then, grasp the outer edge, give it a little tug so it’s really close to the root of your natural lash, and butt it up against the skin, so it should lay flat against the root of your natural lashes. It should also butt up against the skin, which will prevent any gaps between your natural lash and your false lash.

Do the same on the inner corner as well. 

Adjusting false eyelashes before they dry

4. Adjust the lashes before they dry

I like to manipulate the lash while it’s drying. I push upwards on the outer edge, so it lifts the look of the eye, but then on the inner corner and the center, I like to kind of comb the lash downwards with my finger, just so it doesn’t look like you’re surprised.

Sometimes, they can all sit upwards when you initially apply them, and it’s a bit too high. Then, you can even go along with your fingers and pinch the lash band to your natural eyelashes, or you can do this with tweezers.

If you do it with tweezers, be careful, and make sure you don’t prod yourself in the eye.

Should you apply mascara before false lashes?

Once the lashes are in place, you can go in with a light coat of mascara to coat your natural eyelashes. Allow the eyelash glue and the mascara to dry.

How to safely remove false eyelashes

5. How to safely remove false eyelashes

After a day out wearing your false eyelashes, you’ll want to remove them easily and painlessly. You can either place your index finger on the outer corner of your temple to keep the skin nice and taught, or you can use a powder puff.

Grasp the very tip of your false eyelashes and do this with a very light hand, so you’re not grasping your natural eyelashes. Very softly pull downwards and then towards the inner corner of your eye. Do this slowly; don’t whip them off or you’ll pull your natural lashes with it.

Go nice and slow. This will allow the glue to come away from your natural lashes, and it won’t pull any of them out.

How to apply and remove lashes

How to apply and remove lashes tutorial

And that is it. I hope this short tutorial has been helpful. It is so simple to apply and remove false eyelashes, so I hope that no one will ever struggle with this or be put off of wearing them again.

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  • Ally Ally on Sep 12, 2021

    Thanks for sharing your tips Shonagh! Can you wear these lashes for 3 or 4 sleeps?

    • Shonagh Scott Shonagh Scott on Sep 13, 2021

      Hi Ally!

      These types of lashes are designed to be removed at the end of each day, usually individual lashes are usually classed as ‘weekend’ lashes which have a stronger glue so they can withstand being laid on.

      You can get those types of lashes from Eylure.

      I hope that helps!


  • Reh48981476 Reh48981476 on Sep 19, 2021

    What is the best lashes for eyeglass wearer?

    • Barbara Barbara on Oct 10, 2021

      Look for lashes labeled “ Demi”. I wear glasses, and I have found that size works best.