Hair Tutorial: How to Do an Easy Blowout at Home

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This is my wet to dry hair routine and how I give myself an at home blowout every time I want to get smooth hair. The routine is very easy and I will walk you through it step by step.

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll know how to properly dry hair like a pro. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Leave-in conditioner spray
  • Wet brush
  • Microfiber hair towel wrap
  • Hair dryer
  • Alligator hair clips
  • Round, thermal brush
  • Small, round brush (for bangs)
  • Keratin hair oil
Applying leave-in conditioner

1. Apply leave-in conditioner

Start by spraying leave-in conditioner on your hair. This step is important when you plan to brush your wet hair.

The product I’m using also helps control frizz and offers heat protection.

2. Detangle with a wet brush

Then, brush the product through to evenly distribute it and untangle any knots.

The brush I’m using is designed for wet hair to be as gentle and effective as possible. 

Detangling hair

3. Scrunch with a microfiber towel

Next, scrunch your hair with a microfiber hair towel.

I do this to avoid having to heat-dry extremely wet hair, preventing unnecessary damage while also saving time. 

Scrunching hair with a microfiber towel

4. Blow dry your hair

Put your dryer on high speed and medium heat. Turn your head down and dry all the hair until it’s about 80-90% dry.

Blow drying hair

If you have curly hair or a lot of texture, you might find it easier to round brush and dry your hair when it is completely wet (skipping this above step).

5. Section your hair

Divide your hair and section off pieces from the bottom, twisting the hair gently and clipping it to the top.

The idea is to create sections that will be easy to roll with the brush.

Sectioning hair

6. Blow dry one section of hair with the round brush

This step takes a bit getting used to, but with practice it will become second nature. If you’re unsure, check out the video at 2:50 -3:35.

Turn your hair dryer on maximum heat and roll your first section with the round brush.

Dry your hair at the roots, but move the hair dryer back and forth in small motions for even, fast drying. This will also help you avoid overheating one area. 

Blow drying hair

Imagine that each section of hair is divided in 3.

First, start with the roots, then re-roll your hair and focus on the middle. The rolling will make the hair smooth. 

Blow drying hair

 Then, re-roll and dry the ends.

Blow drying hair

7. Repeat for the rest of your hair

Continue this process for each section of hair, using your dryer and round brush.

Make sure that each section is a good size and easy to work with. If you have bangs, don’t dry those yet–they require a different technique.

Here you can see the difference round brush drying makes when you see both sides of my hair:

Progress shot

8. Cool your hair

Turn your hair dryer on to medium/high strength with the cool air setting.

Rough dry your hair (without the round brush) with the cool air, while also pressing the cool shot button, to completely remove the heat. 

Cooling hair

Before I begin drying my bangs, I like to apply my regular makeup and products first.

You don’t want to pin up your bangs once they are styled because this will mess up their shape.

Applying makeup

9. Dry your bangs

Start by wetting your bangs using a damp, microfiber towel.

Wetting bangs

Then brush them through with a wet brush.

Brushing bangs

Turn your dryer on to medium heat (since your bangs are a smaller section) and high power.

First, rough dry the ends so they aren’t too wet.

Blow drying bangs

Then, using the smaller, round brush, brush the right side of the bangs to the left and vice versa. 

Blow drying bangs

Twist the brush a little bit so that the hair doesn’t end up too straight. See what I mean in the video 5:40 - 6:05.

Blow drying bangs

Then, brush the hair from one side to the other while drying from the top.

Blow drying bangs

When the bangs are nearly dry, detail the sides.

Mix the longer parts on the outsides of your bangs with the shorter parts.

Blow drying bangs

10. Cool your bangs

Once again, remove all the heat by turning your hair dryer to the cool setting and press the cold shot button.

Blast the hair from the top and this time just use your fingers to move your hair from one side to the other.

Cooling bangs

Applying hair oil

11. Apply hair oil

I always add a small amount of hair oil after drying it. It helps to keep the hair looking smooth.

Put just a few drops on your fingers and run it through your hair. 

Hair after DIY blowout

Here’s my hair after my DIY blowout.

Hair after DIY blowout

DIY blowout

Now that you’ve seen how to properly dry hair at home, will you try out this DIY blow out? Let me know in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Leave-in conditioner spray
  • Wet brush
  • Microfiber hair towel wrap
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