How to Do Faux Bangs Using Your Own Hair & 2 Bobby Pins

by Loepsie
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You don’t need to cut your hair anymore if you want to try out bangs for a day! I will show you how to create faux bangs with your own hair. No hair pieces or scissors are involved, just two bobby pins and a little time!

I discovered how to make faux bangs when I did my 60s hair video. I then perfected the DIY faux bangs technique a little more, and I’m so excited to show you how you can do it, too.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 bobby pins
Sectioning hair

1. Section your hair

I like to start with a center parting just because I like this look best. Starting from one side, section the front part of your hair, as shown. So, from the top down to your temple. 

Estimating the length of bangs

2. Estimate the length

Pull the section forward, straight over your face. Then, hold it down approximately where you want your bangs to end. 

Twisting and pinning the bangs

3. Twist and pin

Grab the ends and twist them outward. 

DIY faux bangs tutorial

You should have something like this. Pull the top strands, so they aren’t bunched up. 

How to create faux bangs

Then, keep twisting the ends while holding the top part in place. Also, spread out the hair, so it’s nice and neat. 

How to fake bangs

Pin your twisted section right on the side of your face. 

Spreading the top

Straighten and spread the top as needed. 

Bangs on one side

There’s your first half done! 

Creating faux bangs on the other side

4. Repeat

Now, follow the same process on the other side, ensuring the length of your faux bang is the same.

Adjusting as needed

5. Make adjustments

You can go back and adjust your hair as needed.

How to do faux bangs

How to do faux bangs

Your faux bangs are complete, and I have officially saved you a trip to the hairdresser!! You’ll always have a little swoopy part; nevertheless, these are some fantastic DIY faux bangs, considering you don’t need scissors or hairpieces. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to create faux bangs, and please give it a go yourself; this is newfound freedom to wear bangs whenever you want! 

Suggested materials:
  • 2 bobby pins

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