3 Cute and Super Easy Holiday Hairstyles

by Loepsie
7 Materials
10 Minutes

Hi everyone! In this tutorial I'm going to share three simple and elegant hairstyles with you, perfect for Christmas and New Year's. Let's jump into it.

Tools and materials:

Look 1

  • Narrow-toothed comb with pointed end
  • 1 hair elastic
  • Gold hoop hair accessory

Look 2

  • 1 hair elastic
  • 1 tiny rubber elastic
  • A few bobby pins
  • Narrow-toothed comb with pointed end
  • Piece of faux holly

Look 3

  • Narrow-toothed comb with pointed end
  • 1 bobby pin
  • 1 bow clip
Sleek ponytail

1. Sleek ponytail

1. Tease the hair

Grab the main section of hair at your crown and start by teasing it a bit. To tease the hair, use a narrow-toothed comb to swiftly comb up and down.

Next, pull that hair to the front and take a section below it to tease as well. 

Sleek ponytail

Continue teasing the hair, going downward to grab new sections of hair until all the top, back parts of the hair are combed. Don’t forget the sides!

2. Smooth it over

Very gently, smooth over the top with your comb.

Sleek ponytail

3. Make a low ponytail

Then, pull all the hair together into a low ponytail.

Sleek ponytail

4. Perfect the poof

Stick the pointed end of the comb into the poof to perfect the shape and make sure it’s even on all sides.

Sleek ponytail

Here’s what your hair should look like so far:

Sleek ponytail

5. Accessorize

Add a gold hoop hair accessory (or any type that you like).

I recommend something shiny to finish off this elegant and festive hairstyle. 

Sleek ponytail

I love this cute hairstyle for Christmas because it’s very simple to create, yet oh so chic!

3. Elegant bun

1. Start with a back-combed low ponytail, as in the first hairstyle

Elegant bun

Then pull part of the ponytail through one of the loops of the hair elastic.

Elegant bun

2. Make a tiny ponytail at the end

Collect the ends of the hair and tie a small ponytail with a tiny elastic.

Elegant bun

3. Cover the bun and tuck

Next, pull the larger part of the hair over that little bun we made earlier.

Elegant bun

Then tuck the ends underneath to make a beautiful, fanned out bun. Use a few bobby pins to pin everything in place underneath the bun. 

Elegant bun

4. Add the finishing touches

Use the pointed end of the comb to perfect any spots that look uneven.

Elegant bun

Now, you can leave it like this:

Elegant bun

Or, since this is a cute hairstyle for Christmas, consider adding an accessory like my little twig of faux holly. Just attach it with a bobby pin.

Elegant bun

3. Braided bow hairdo

1. Start with back-combed hair, then add a braid

Make the same, back-combed hair on the top, as in the first hairstyles, but skip the low ponytail.

Instead, make a small braid from a section in the front.

Braided bow hairdo

2. Fluff the braid 

Fluff out the braid a bit to add body and texture.

Braided bow hairdo

3. Pin it and make another braid

Then pin it in the back with a bobby pin, just for now, while you make the same braid on the other side.

Braided bow hairdo

4. Join together with a clip

Remove the bobby pin and bring the two, small braids together in the back.

Braided bow hairdo

Add a cute, bow clip to hold them in place. I made this bow, but you can find something similar. 

Braided bow hairdo

Elegant holiday hairstyles

Again, these holiday hairstyles are so simple to do but they pack a lot of effects and look so cute and perfect for festive days!

If you try one of these elegant hairstyles, show us your entire look in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Narrow-toothed comb with pointed end
  • Hair elastics
  • Gold hoop hair accessory
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