How to Fold Socks: 4 Easy Ideas + Storage Tips

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Keeping your sock drawer organized can save you time in the morning and help polish your look by guaranteeing that your socks will match.

It may seem daunting to learn how to fold socks when you’ve already got enough laundry to fold, but the time you spend folding your socks will pay off.

When you can easily reach into your organized sock drawer to find the perfect pair of socks for the outfit you’re wearing, that folding time will have been well-spent—trust us.

Learn how to fold socks and tights based on the types of socks you have for a tidy accessory drawer you won’t dread opening first thing in the morning.

How to fold long socks

Long socks can turn your sock drawer into a tangled nightmare if they aren’t properly folded.

Follow the easy steps below to create a neat square out of your long socks that stack on top of each other.


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1. Lay socks down

Lay your pair of long socks on a clean flat surface.

Folding socks into neat square

2. Create a cross

Keep one sock laying flat on the surface. Pick the other sock up and place it on top of the sock laid flat to make a cross formation.

Folding socks into neat square

3. Fold the toe

Grab the toe of the bottom sock between your fingers. Fold the toe over the top sock at the center of the cross.

Folding socks into neat square

4. Fold across

Grip the upper cuff of the bottom sock. Fold that part of the sock in half and across the top sock.

Folding socks into neat square

5. Tuck under

Grab the toe of the top sock and bring it over the tucked center of the socks. Tuck the end under the center square.

Folding socks into neat square

6. Tuck under center square and flatten

Grip the final cuff between your fingers and fold it over the center of the socks.

Tuck it under the center of the square you’ve made. Flatten your newly folded socks.

How to fold ankle socks

Ankle socks are smaller and can easily separate from their pairs in your sock drawer if they aren’t folded.

Use this method to fold your ankle socks so they stay organized and wrinkle-free.

1. Place socks on surface

Place your ankle socks on a flat surface with the heels facing upwards. Smooth them down to remove creases.

2. Layer socks

Place one sock on top of the other, with both heels facing upwards.

3. Fold cuffs

Grip both cuffs and fold downwards to the middle of the ankle sock.

4. Tuck and form square

Grip both toes of your socks and tuck them into the top cuff opening, forming a flat square. 

How to fold no-show socks

No-show socks are the pros at disappearing in a sock drawer because they’re the smallest type of sock.

The simplest way to keep no-show socks organized is the foldover method.

1. Lay socks flat

Lay your no-show socks on a flat surface.

2. Layer socks

Place one sock on top of the other.

3. Tuck socks

Grip the upper-facing part of the cuff and the surface-facing part of the cuff on the bottom sock and simultaneously use the cuff to fold over the top sock, enclosing it in the bottom sock.

How to fold tube socks

Tube socks can take up a lot of room in your sock drawer. They also get easily tangled in other socks, making your sock drawer a mess of unmatched accessories.

Follow these steps to tame your tube socks, so they fit neatly into your sock drawer.

1. Lay socks flat

Place your tube socks on a flat surface with one sock on top of the other sock, the toes facing you.

2. Press fingers in sock

Place the fingers of your left hand flat on the heel of the top sock, pressing down slightly.

3. Partially fold

Grasp the top ends of the socks and fold them over your fingers. Remove your fingers from the partially-folded sock. 

4. Fold toes over

Grasp the toes of both socks simultaneously and bring them up and over the top cuffs that you just folded downwards.

5. Tuck toes into hole

Tuck both toes of your tube socks into the open hole of the cuff laying on top. Lay your socks flat in your drawer.

How to fold tights

Folding tights keeps them smooth-looking and tangle-free.

Use the cinnamon-roll method to fold your tights, making them easy to get to while saving precious drawer space.

1. Lay tights flat

Lay your tights on a flat surface with the front panel facing upwards

2. Fold in half

Fold the tights in half lengthwise.

3. Fold in half again

Fold the tights in half horizontally from top to bottom.

4. Roll and store

Beginning at the bottom of your tights, where the waist is now touching the toes, roll upwards. When you’re done rolling, stand the tights up in the drawer with the inner “swirl” facing upwards.

How to store socks

Even when you fold your socks, they can end up mixed together in your drawer. Your no-show socks can end up buried under boot socks which causes you to rummage through your drawer, making it a mess.

A quick trip to the store can solve your problems and keep your neatly folded socks where they belong.

Use organizers baskets for each type of sock to keep them separate, or purchase drawer dividers to configure your drawer into sections that work best for you. 

How to fold socks

No matter which method you use to fold and store your socks, it will get you on the path to time-saving organization, making your sock drawer one less cluttered mess to deal with.

Do you have any sock-folding hacks? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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