DIY a Super Cute Pair of Sequin Socks

by Sukari
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30 Minutes

I absolutely love socks! They are comfy and cozy but that doesn’t mean they can’t be absolutely fabulous. I decided to get stuck into a super easy and fun sewing project and the results were just amazing! I made the most awesome pair of sequin socks and I can’t stop wearing them. If you want to learn all the ins and out of making this amazing pair of sequin socks, my tutorial is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Follow my easy, step-by-step guide and get started on sewing these super-cute sequin socks.

Tools and materials:

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Marker
  • Thread
  • 1 Sock
  • Paper
  • Sequin stretch fabric
  • Stretch nylon fabric/ Spandex
DIY sequin socks

Make a pattern

Stretch out the heel of the sock and trace around it on a piece of paper. Make sure to exaggerate the heel a little in your tracing. Make sure to add some seam allowance to the perimeter of the sock. 

How to make sequin socks

Then tuck the heel back in and trace the front of the sock with seam allowance. 

Cut the pattern

Cut out the pattern

Next, cut out the pattern you created. Make an additional cut in the back piece just above the heel. Label the top piece ‘back top’ and the bottom piece ‘back bottom’ to make things a little easier. 

Pin on the front

Cut the fabric

Pin the front piece and back top piece on the sequin with the stretchy side of the fabric going horizontally over the foot. You can then cut your fabric for your awesome new socks. 

Black sequin socks

Next, pin the bottom back pattern piece to the nylon or spandex fabric. 

Pin the top to the bottom

Sew the socks

Next, pin the bottom top piece of sequin fabric on to the top of the bottom back piece of nylon.

Sew together

Sew these pieces together and cut off any excess sequin. 

Pin the front and back

Pin the front and back piece together and then sew around the edge of this gorgeous sock. 

Women’s sequin socks

These socks are nothing short of fabulous! Where would you show off these cute socks? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Marker
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