How to Make a Ruffled Flower

1 Hour

This super-easy ruffled flower is the perfect accent on a tote bag, a coat or a hat. Using scrap fabric and a metal pin back, several can be made over the course of an hour!

Using pre-washed cotton fabric, tear a piece into a 2" strip. Tearing the fabric gives it a scruffy edge!

Set the sewing machine for a long basting stitch and stitch down the center of the strip for the entire length. Do not use a back stitch to secure the beginning or end stitches.

To gather the fabric, pull the top thread and let the fabric gather. Wrap this piece of thread around a pin to secure it.

Pull the same thread at the opposite end and gather the entire piece. Do not gather it too tight. Wrap the piece of thread around another pin to secure it.

Set the machine back to a regular stitch and sew over the gathers down the middle of the piece. This will help secure the gathers.

To make the flower, start by folding the gathered piece of fabric in half widthwise, and roll the fabric in a coil.

At the same time with a needle and thread, stitch the back side of the fold to itself to secure the coil.

Using the tacky glue fabric glue or hot glue, apply a line of glue to the back of the flower and set the pin back in place. Attach the flower to the garment or item as desired!

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