How to Make Lightweight Colourful Earrings From Nuts!

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
20 Minutes

I love to use the non edible fruit of palm trees in Ecuador as an eco friendly option to make jewellery from. Not only look good but support the planet too! They come in wide range of colours and shapes and are so durable and tactile.

Tagua nut beads

I use round nosed pliers to easily fit silver jump rings in with. The Tagua nut beads are pre drilled with holes which makes the job of assembling so easy.

Round nosed pliers

I decide which colour Tagua nut I have matching pairs of and finally decide on a coral colour flat long bead. The beads are with their own unique beautiful imperfections which adds to their natural charm.

I choose a jump ring that fits the hole and will also give a nice dangle.

Squeeze jump ring

I use the pliers to squeeze tight the jump ring making it secure. Then it’s ready to add a sterling silver ear hook .

Adding ear hook

With a quick further squeeze the ear hook is fastened on and I repeat the whole process for the other earring.

im so thrilled with the final result. These lightweight unique earrings really look great and feel so comfy too.😀

Tagua nut earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Tagua nut beads   (Amazon)
  • Sterling silver ear hooks   (Amazon)

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