How to Refresh Curly Hair Between Washes Based on What Your Hair Needs

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Today, I’m going to show you how to refresh curly hair between washes. This is an important step in your curly girl method routine to make sure your hair looks good every day of the week! Let’s get into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Spray bottle
  • Scrunchie
  • Gel/mousse
  • Cream/leave-in conditioner
  • Silk bonnet or pillowcase
  • Dry shampoo (optional)
Taking down curls and shaking out the roots

First, take down your hair first thing in the morning, shake out your roots, and let your curls settle. We want to see how our curls are going to lay. They may end up looking better than we thought if we let them lay for 15 minutes.

Preserving curls in a pineapple

Tip: a good way to preserve your curls overnight is by putting your hair in a pineapple, a silk bonnet, or using a silk pillowcase. 

Using a silk turban or silk pillowcase to protect curls from frizz

Silk helps prevent frizz breakage and turns which helps your curls maintain their shape. It also helps your hair maintain moisture. A silk pillowcase is a great option if your hair isn’t long enough to go in a pineapple.

To learn more, see my previous tutorial on how to keep curly hair from getting frizzy while sleeping.

1. How to refresh curly hair that has a few wonky curls

Smoothing water over the curl

1. Smooth water over the curl

Take a little bit of water and just smooth it over the weird curls. You only want to use water because the water is going to reactivate your products if your hair is still moisturized and has some hold.

Twisting the curl around a finger

2. Twist the curl

Look to see which direction it’s wanting to curl naturally, and then give it a little twist. 

Gently scrunching the curl

3. Scrunch

Finish with a super-gentle scrunch. Continue this process for the rest of your wonky curls.

How to refresh curly hair in the morning

Here are the finished results of this refresh.

2. How to refresh curly hair that lacks moisture

Applying leave-in conditioner or cream

1. Dilute leave-in or cream with water

Take whatever cream or leave-in you used on your wash day and dilute it with some water. 

Applying products to curly hair

2. Apply the product over hair

Emulsify it in your hands then smooth it over the dry areas. Because you already have that hold, you don’t need to add more. The goal is just to add moisture.

Scrunching the products into hair

3. Scrunch

Be very gentle when you scrunch because your hair is going to be more prone to frizz without a lot of water.

Curly hair refresh routine

Here are the finished results of this refresh.

3. How to refresh curly hair that lacks definition and hold

Dividing hair into a top and bottom section

1. Section

Section the top half of your hair and put it up with a scrunchie. Split the other section over your shoulders. 

Detangling curly hair with fingers

2. Detangle with your fingers

Gently rake your fingers through your hair so you can get out any tangles.

Reapplying gel or mousse

3. Reapply gel/mousse product

Take the gel or mousse you used on wash day and dilute it with water. Rub it and mix it all together, then either smooth the solution through your hair or do praying hands. 

Gently scrunching the hair

4. Scrunch

Very gently scrunch. 

Refreshing curly hair

5. Repeat

Take down a small section from the top section and repeat steps 2-4. With this section, make sure you’re holding your hair out and not pulling it down. Holding it out is going to help you maintain and even add volume.

Repeat until you finish refreshing all of your hair.

Applying dry shampoo to the roots

6. Apply dry shampoo (optional)

Another tip for volume, or if your roots are starting to feel oily but it’s not time for wash day, is to use a bit of dry shampoo. Apply straight to your roots and then massage your scalp.

How to refresh curly hair

Here are the finished results of this refresh. 

4. How to refresh curly hair that lacks both moisture and definition

Detangling hair with fingers

1. Section and detangle

Put half of your hair up, split the bottom section on either side, and then gently detangle both sides.

Curly hair refresher spray

2. Wet your hair

For this one, we’re going to wet our hair first. We don’t want to weigh our hair down with products, and the wetter your hair is, the more chance your curls have to form back up. 

Reapplying cream

3. Reapply cream

Using the cream from wash day, dilute it in water, emulsify it really well, and then smooth it over your hair.

Reapplying gel

4. Reapply gel

Repeat Step 3 with the gel you used on wash day.

Scrunching hair

5. Scrunch

Because you’ve applied more product and your hair is wetter, you can scrunch a bit more than you did previously as we want those curls to bounce back.

How to refresh curly hair based on what it needs

6. Smooth and scrunch

When I’m done, I flip my part over to the opposite side, apply some water to my hands, and then smooth it over. This is going to help with volume and help the hair look good on the opposite side. Scrunch.

How to refresh curly hair between washes

How to refresh curly hair between washes

Here are the finished results of this refresh! Air dry or diffuse and you’re done. Let me know how this curly hair refresh works for you!

Products used:

Suggested materials:
  • Spray bottle
  • Scrunchie
  • Gel/mousse
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