How to Tie Your Hair Without a Hair Tie 4 Different & Cute Ways

by Laineymariebeauty
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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to tie your hair without a hair tie. I wanted to do a no-tie hair tutorial for a while because let’s be honest, we’ve all probably been out in public where our hair tie has broken, or we just didn’t have a hair tie. So always keep these hairstyles in mind!

No hair tie hairstyles

No tie three-strand braid

Step 1: Divide your hair 

Start by dividing your hair into three sections, but you’re not going to separate your strands completely, and you’ll notice that when you don’t separate your strands completely, they’ll kind of hold together at the bottom. 

Braiding hair in a French braid

Step 2: Braid 

If you don't know how to do a French braid, take the inside section and cross that over at the middle, but don’t pull it all the way out. Take the outside section and cross that over at the middle but don’t pull it all the way out - you’re still going to be holding on to everything.

Repeat this process all the way down. 

How to tie hair with hair

Step 3: Flip to knot

You’re going to get to the point where you can’t braid anymore because it’s going to be really tight. It’s going to create little pockets. Flip your hair up through the little pocket and just push it through, and it will create a knot.

Finish by pulling on the knot to tighten your braid at the bottom. 

How to do a French braid without a hair tie

And here it is! To take the hairstyle out, you’re just going to pull the knot down and then just flip your hair out through the hole and then unravel your hair.

How to do a fishtail braid

No tie fishtail braid

Step 1: Braid

Divide your hair into two sections. Take a strand from the inside section and cross it all the way over to the outside section. You’ll notice that your hair is kind of connecting at the bottom.

Do the same to the other side; just take a small section and then cross that over to the opposite section.

Repeat this process all the way down. You want to make sure that it is tight and secure, so keep braiding until you get a tight feeling. This hairstyle is a little bit more tedious than the three-strand braid and might take some time. 

How to do a fishtail braid without a hair tie

Step 2: Flip to knot

You’ll reach an opening where you can’t really braid anymore, so just take your hair and, as before, flip it up through that opening and just pull on it to make sure that it is nice and tight. 

Fishtail braid without a hair tie

Here it is! You could also do this as a reverse fishtail, so you do the exact same process, but instead of taking the strands over, you take them under.

No hair tie ponytail

No tie ponytail

Step 1: Create an opening

Pull your hair to the back of your head. Then, using three fingers, just create a small opening in your hair. 

How to do a ponytail without a hair tie

Step 2: Pull hair through 

Take your hair and pull it through that opening. Keep holding onto it.

Doing a ponytail without a hair tie

Step 3: Repeat on the other side

Do the same thing on the other side: take your fingers, create an opening, pull your hair through, and tighten it. 

Pretty ponytail without a hair tie

It should end up looking something like this. If you are moving around a lot, walking, running, anything like that, this would not last, but if you are sitting down and just want your hair out of your face, this would be a really good hairstyle.

How to do a bun without a hair tie

No tie bun

Step 1: Hold your hair in a ponytail

Pull your hair to the back of your head and take your hand and place it underneath your ponytail.

Twisted the hair into a bun

Step 2: Twist

Grab the ponytail and twist it up. 

Wrapping the hair around itself

Step 3: Wrap

Take the end piece and wrap it around. 

Pull the hair up through the bun

Step 4: Pull around the bun

Now you want to wrap the top piece over the little bun. Take it and then just kind of twist it and then take the bottom part of the bun and try to push it up through. You’re not going to be able to push your bun all the way through, but you'll feel that it will feel secure.

No hair tie bun

This is how it will look. You can watch me doing this (5:56 - 6:40), which may help you a little more.

How to tie your hair without a hair tie

How to tie your hair without a hair tie tutorial

Those are my four no hair tie hairstyles, and I hope that you like them! They can be super helpful at times when you don’t have a hair tie to hand, and they’re all pretty straightforward as well. If you find it hard at first: try, try, and try again!

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  • Stephanie Stephanie on Sep 14, 2021

    Brilliant! I’ll be trying the three strand braid and the pony tail on my and my granddaughters’ hair.

    Thanks for sharing these🌺💙🌺

  • Sheila Bishop Sheila Bishop on Jun 28, 2022

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. These should definitely be helpful when I have no hair tie to be found 🤭