How to Use Velcro Hair Rollers to Get Voluminous, Bouncy Curls

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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Today, I’m going to show you how to use Velcro hair rollers on my frizzy lifeless hair! If you have a couple of Velcro hair rollers lying around, or if you’re interested to see what you can do with them in general, then be sure to page down! Ready to make some bouncy curls? Let’s go!

Tools and materials:

  • Velcro hair rollers
  • Spray bottle
  • Brush
  • Blow dryer
  • Hair spray
  • Hairpins or bobby pins
Spraying hair with water

1. Wet your hair

Start by wetting your hair; you want it to be 10% wet and 90% dry. Use a spray bottle for this step. 

Brushing water through the hair

Evenly distribute the water and brush it through your hair. 

Velcro hair rollers in different sizes

2. Place the Velcro hair rollers

Once your hair is slightly damp, go ahead and put in your rollers. I have three different sizes, small, medium, and large. I like to use medium and large ones. 

How to use hair rollers

Start where your bangs are. Roll this up and away from your head.

Pinning the Velcro hair roller in place

Then, pin to secure. 

How to use Velcro hair rollers

Next, move on to the crown of your head. While rolling, I’m guiding the baby hairs onto the roller as you go. This really helps get all of the hair onto the roller. 

How to use Velcro rollers in hair

Keep rolling the sections on the back of your head. 

Rolling and clipping to secure

Then, move onto the sides of your head. Roll these up and clip them on to secure. 

Tip: If you run out of clips, you can always use bobby pins to attach the Velcro hair rollers to your head. 

Adding some heat with a hairdryer

3. Add some heat

Now, add some heat using your hairdryer. This is going to lock in those curls. Gently heat up these rollers. Avoid messing your hair too much or making it super frizzy by being gentle. 

Using a diffuser to heat the hair rollers

Another good option is using a diffuser. This helps distribute the airflow. Finally, spray your hair with some hairspray. 

Unrolling the Velcro hair rollers

4. Unroll the rollers

Starting from the bottom, gently pull the rollers out and shake your hair a little. 

Look, you’ve created really smooth, bouncy waves! I’m obsessed with this look; it reminds me of a 90s supermodel hairstyle. It also doesn’t require a lot of heat, which means you’re not damaging your hair. I really love it. 

Using Velcro hair rollers

Tip: You can also go the no-heat route and sleep in with these rollers. 

Shaking out the curls

Once everything is unrolled, shake out your hair and smooth it out a bit.

Results of the Velcro hair rollers

How to use Velcro hair rollers

It looks so great on a side or middle part. I just adore this look and is an excellent technique if you want to stay away from your curling iron.

Velcro hair rollers before and after

Now that you know how to use Velcro rollers, I highly recommend trying this technique! Thanks for joining me, and happy curling. 

Suggested materials:
  • Velcro hair rollers
  • Spray bottle
  • Brush
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  • Diana Goodwin Diana Goodwin on Jun 15, 2022

    I use to do this to my long layered hair when I workwed in NY. Only thing I did different was I added a very small amout of hair gel in the spray..not to much because of how if stiffens..but a tiny amount makes a big diffence in the curls lasting and I prefer the hairgell over the hairspray.

  • San22071824 San22071824 on Aug 08, 2022

    I turn my head upside down, gather it all in a band, separate in 2-3 sections and roll each section in the velcro rollers. Doing this while hair is damp, I take it out when dry and have lots of volume and some curl. Sometimes I sleep with them and the curl is nice and strong when you remove the band. Have been doing this for 20 years.