How to Wash Hair for Hair Growth: 20 Helpful Hair-Washing Hacks

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Today, I’m going to show you how to wash hair for hair growth. Washing your hair is the make-or-break stage of your hair growth so I’ll be sharing 20 hair washing hacks to help you achieve maximum growth. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Tangle Teezer brush
  • Hair oil
  • Shower cap
Washing hair in sections

1. Wash your hair in sections

The amount of sections depends on how much hair you have and how long your hair is, but I would suggest a minimum of two sections. I wash my hair in four because I have very thick hair.

Fully saturating the hair with water

2. Fully saturate your hair

Fully saturated hair allows for more moisture and better absorption of each product.

Using warm water to wash hair

3. Use very warm water

It shouldn’t be hot, just warm. This opens your hair follicles and cuticles and allows products to work to their maximum capacity.

Warm water gets rid of dirt, build-up, and grime. It also helps melt down any oils in your hair, meaning you use less shampoo.

Warm water stimulates blood flow to your scalp, leading to less dryness and improved hair growth. Water that is too hot can cause dryness and frizz. 

Using a moisturizing shampoo

4. Use a moisturizing shampoo

Using a moisturizing shampoo, even if it has sulfates, is the best shampoo to use. 

Hair growth wash routine

5. Shampoo 2-3 times

Wash 2-3 times for the cleanest hair.

Rubbing shampoo between the hands

6. Rub shampoo between the palms of your hands

This helps with even distribution and using less product, which leads to less dryness.  

Shampooing the roots and scalp

7. Put shampoo on roots and scalp

Don’t put shampoo directly onto your hair strands. You want to put it on your roots and scalp. Then, it will wash down the hair lengths.

Holding the hair taut

8. Hold your hair taut/stretched

Always hold your hair taut. This prevents tangling and makes sure you actually shampoo the most important parts of your hair, which are the roots and scalp.

Working shampoo in a downward motion

9. Work products in a downward motion

Work products into your hair in a downward motion.

Hair washing hacks

10. Don’t add more shampoo to hair strands

Don’t add more shampoo to the rest of your hair shaft. By your second wash, just the shampoo you put on the base is enough to lather up on the rest of your hair.

Don’t rub your hair in the opposite direction as it creates static and damage. Similarly, don’t scrunch because this creates tangling and matting.

Don’t wash your hair like clothes because that can lead to damage and tangles. You always want to wash your hair in a downward motion.

Rinsing out shampoo

11. Rinse out as much shampoo as possible

Before your second and third wash, make sure you wash out as much shampoo as possible. 

Using water pressure to squeeze out shampoo

12. Use water pressure and squeeze to rinse out products

Use the water pressure to get out all of the foam that’s all over your hair, then squeeze the shampoo out by running it down in a downward motion. Less manipulation leads to less frizz.

Lathering using the pads of the fingers

13. Lather using the pads of your fingers

No nails! Only lather with the pads of your fingers. Using your nails can cause lots of microtears on your scalp and can cause damage to your hair. 

Gently washing the hairline

14. Wash hairline in gentle, circular motions

Rub your hairline in gentle, circular minions with the pads of your fingers. Don’t do too much work. The shampoo has surfactants and it’s going to do the job it’s supposed to do.

Applying conditioning from the mid-shaft

15. Apply products from mid-shaft down

Any products that aren’t shampoo, including your conditioner, should be applied from the mid-shaft down.

Too close to your roots can clog your scalp and follicles. Conditioner is meant for your hair and not your scalp.

Fully saturate your hair again to make sure those cuticles are nice and open, then follow the same tips as before when you condition. Don’t forget to condition your edges!

Detangling the ends with a wide-tooth comb

16. Detangle from ends to roots

Make sure you’re detangling from the tips to the roots with a wide-tooth comb.

Twisting hair to help the strands absorb product

17. Twist hair to force product into hair strands

This really helps if you have low-porosity hair. With my hair in twists, I like to put a plastic cap on my head and go under the heat for 20 minutes, and then rinse out in the shower.

Detangling hair with a Tangle Teezer brush

18. Detangle (optional)

An optional hack is to detangle in small sections with a Tangle Teezer. Sometimes I seal it with an oil.

Hair wash tips

19. Focus on your ends

The ends are the oldest and most vulnerable part of your hair, so focus a lot of products on your ends.

How to wash hair for hair growth

20. Go under heat with your leave-in or moisturizer

In the end, you can decide if you want to leave your hair in twists or put it in a bun so you can go under the heat for 20 minutes with your leave-in. Once that’s done, let your hair down and style or let it air dry.

How to wash hair for hair growth

That’s it! Those are my 20 hair wash tips for hair growth! Let me know if these tips and hair growth wash routine work for you down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Wide-tooth comb
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