2 No-Sew Jean Hacks

Whether you gained or lost a couple pounds during the pandemic nobody wants their clothes to fit wrong. Ideally, we would get all of our clothes altered when it doesn't fit, but sometimes that is just not an option. These are two quick and easy hacks to help your jeans fit right.

This first trick is for if your jeans are too small and you're wanting to make them a little more loose.

Grab a hair tie and put it through the hole meant for your jean's button.

Wrap it around your button with half of the hair tie then wrap your button with the other half of the hair tie.

In the end you'll be using the hair tie as a hole for your button instead of the hole on the jeans. The hair tie is elastic and has more give. It shouldn't come apart because it's also looped into the button hole on your jeans.

Cover the whole thing with a belt and no one will ever know!

The second trick is for if your jeans fit too big and you want to make them tighter.

Put a hair tie through your first belt look on the side of your jeans with the button!

Wrap the button once

Then with the hair tie still in your first belt loop wrap the other end of the hair tie around the button

This is how it should look. The hair tie is going through the first belt loop and wrapped around your jean's button on both ends

Then just slide your shirt down to cover up that area and no one will ever know.

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