Denim Days-Star Wars Jeans

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Hello Readers. It's Star Wars Day! May the force be with you. I decided to refashion denim all this month and I was so excited to refashion these jeans. Are you a Star Wars fan? I definitely am. I remember seeing the first movie when it came out way back in the summer of 1977. I was 5 years old and my mom had to read the intro script to me because I couldn't read yet.

Before and after.

I found this small drawstring bag at a clothes swap. There was a yellow side...

And a green side. I love green side with all the schematics of the space ships. 

I cut the bag apart and made 2 square shapes. I wanted to make the squares into pockets for the back of a pair of jeans. I did not cut the top of the squares. That is where the drawstring was. It is colorful and nicely finished. It will make quick pockets if I do not have to sew the top of each pocket.

You can see the squares are larger than the original pockets of the jeans. I wanted to cover those original pockets completely so my new pockets will have to be larger. I could remove the original denim pockets but that will take more time and it is not necessary when I can just cover them.

I measured to make sure my pockets were the size I needed and the same size as the other. I folded the raw cut edges under and ironed them to get them precise. I clipped them to the jeans so they would not move while I was sewing. I used the original pockets as a guide for placement and angle. 

This video shows the pockets and how I sewed them on the jeans very clearly.

Here are my jeans with the new pockets. They are so fun. 

I wore these jeans to the beach. They say Star Wars but they could go anywhere. 

It was a beautiful day. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Jeand   (My closet)
  • Star Wars Fabric   (Thrifted/Swapped)

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