Floral Hippie Jean Tutorial – How to Stencil Jeans

The seventies are back baby, and man am I jazzed about it! I love the high waisted, wide leg looks that my youth at the turn of the millennia denied me. Goodbye low rise everything, it was a weird relationship and i think it’s best we part ways.

As many of you know, I have been getting deep into up-cycling denim this spring – as it is a easy, no fuss way to get more wear out of your wardrobe. To stencil jeans, as I will show you with this floral hippie jean tutorial, is so easy and versatile.

The best part about this tutorial is how AMAZING it turned out. I bought theses wide fit jeans from a thrift (back when they were open) for eight dollars.

If you like this idea, you’ll love my tutorial on how to create these fun fringe jeans !

Materials to Stencil Jeans

  • stencil (mine is homemade with my Cricut)
  • Spray adhesive
  • fabric paint or
  • acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium (1:1)
  • foam blotter


Step one: Put your jeans (or denim on a flat surface).

Step two: spray the back of the stencil with spray adhesive, per package instructions. Place as press lightly and firmly to adhere to fabric.

Step three: Blot the paint on the denim to cover the entire area. Make sure not to saturate the fabric. This will cause bleed underneath the stencil.

Step four: peel up stencil (don’t wait until dry) and repeat

Your new stenciled jeans look amazing! And they were so easy to make. You can also repeat this process with bleach for a more faded effect.

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  • Camille Camille on Feb 03, 2021

    YES! For sure because who doesn’t like these classic and unique jeans! So fun to make and to wear.

    Thank You so much...

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    • Kathi S Kathi S on Feb 07, 2021

      I'm not the stenciler, but I paint on denim all the time! You can find SoSoft Fabric paints online or at craft shops. Follow directions on bottle. OR you can buy Fabric Medium and mix with regular craft paints, like Plaid, DecoArt, Folk Art. Follow directions on bottle. I like soft brushes as opposed to stencil brushes. I use liners, filberts, angles. Prewash your item without fabric softener. Hang to dry or in dryer. Press with warm to hot iron, no sizing. After painting or stenciling, let dry for 24 hours. To really set the paint, cover design with brown grocery bag, cut into pieces to co ver design. Iron with a hot iron, moving iron around on brown paper. Remove paper and put new piece on design and iron again. Do this until no more paint comes off on paper. This sets the paint permanently. Wait 5 to 7 days before laundering and drying in dryer. Never iron direct try on pAinted design. If you do, you may have to buy a new iron!! Have fun! Currently I am painting uni corns on the backs of little girls denim jackets to sell.

  • ÉRICA MELO ÉRICA MELO on Mar 09, 2021

    Lovely! Everything I need. I´ll try this next time Sun appears. Thanks.