Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man Keychain

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Learn how to make a Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man with Sculpey Premo. I don't know about you but I love to craft for Christmas, it's my favorite. This adorable Gingerbread Man Charm is the perfect addition to a key chain, scrappy gift bow, or even as an ornament on the tree. Sculpey® Premo™ is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold fine detail and for specialized techniques such as the silicone mold technique used for the Gingerbread Man. This easy-to-use polymer clay is perfect for experienced crafters as well as beginners.

Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man Key Chain

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What do you need to make Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man?

How to create a Gingerbread Man from Polymer Clay


To begin the Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man, gather all supplies. Open the package of Sculpey® Premo™ Antique Gold, break off one quarter of the clay, and condition it by kneading it in your hands until pliable. Work with the clay on the Sculpey® Tools™ Oven-Safe Work Mat which will protect your work surface as well as the polymer clay. Carefully push the clay into the gingerbread man silicone mold until the entire shape is filled.


Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Place the filled silicone gingerbread man mold on a baking sheet on the center rack. Bake according to the Sculpey® Premo™ package directions. Remove from oven and let cool completely before handling.


Once the silicone mold has cooled, pop the gingerbread man out of the mold. The shape of the gingerbread man and the details have transferred to the polymer clay shape perfectly!

I love the shimmer that the metallic Sculpey® Premo™ Antique Gold gives to the gingerbread man.


Before working with lighter-colored clay, make sure to wash your hands and the Oven Safe Work Mat. Open the package of Sculpey® Premo™ White, break off a quarter of the clay, and condition it by kneading it in your hands until pliable. Work with the clay on the Sculpey® Tools™ Oven-Safe Work Mat which will protect your work surface as well as the polymer clay. Roll out a super skinny snake that is at least 3″ long, and create six mini balls to decorate the gingerbread man.

Using the needle end pointer from the Essential Tool Kit, position the eyes, nose, and mouth on the gingerbread man's face.


Cut four 1/2″ sections from the snake with the clay blade from the Essential Tool Kit.

Using the needle end pointer, position the Sculpey® Premo™ White icing at the hands and feet of the gingerbread man. Follow the impressions in the polymer clay from the mold to place the icing details. Add three buttons to the front. Place on a baking sheet and bake the gingerbread man again, according to package directions.


Using the needle end pointer from the Essential Tool Kit make a hole in the top of the gingerbread man's head. This step cannot be completed prior to baking since we have used a silicone mold.

Trim an eye pin with wire cutters, place a small dot of liquid jewelry adhesive on the end, and insert it into the hole.


Add a jump ring and key chain hardware to the gingerbread man charm.

To create a scrappy bow, gather bits and pieces of ribbon, trims, and fabric strips. Thread a jingle bell onto natural jute twine and tie in the center of the scraps, securing with a knot. Use the clip to attach the gingerbread man to the scrappy bow. The perfect gift topper!

Quick and Easy Polymer Clay Gingerbread Man

Available in 20+ colors, Sculpey® Premo™ is flexible, very strong, and durable making it the perfect choice for advanced techniques like caning, mokumegane, and mica shift. Premo is strong and holds detail making it the perfect choice for all types of techniques. Stays soft until baked, so it does not air dry. Remains soft until it is baked in your oven. Extra clay can be stored and reused, it won't dry out! Great for a variety of projects such as jewelry, DIY home décor, mixed media, and more. Sculpey® Premo™ is safe and non-toxic, so it is perfect for crafting with the kiddos!

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