DIY Crystal Elastic Beaded Bracelets - Make Your Own Stone Bracelets

Lisa Miller-Mecham
by Lisa Miller-Mecham

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Have you ever pictured the exact piece of jewelry that you’d love to have…. only to realize it hasn’t been made yet? Today’s DIY stone bracelets were born this way. Granted, there a ton of crystal beaded bracelets out there, but I wanted stacking ones made of 2 particular stones. I wanted bracelets made of Aventurine and Tigers Eye with just a few Clear Quartz sprinkled in.

Over the past few months, I’ve become a full-on crystal junkie. These stones represented the characteristics in myself that I needed to work on most: action, happiness, perseverance, and grounding. I loved the idea of having a piece of jewelry that served as a constant reminder to keep moving forward and improving.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Set aside a few minutes to complete this project during nap time and get everything you’ll need to complete it via the shoppable affiliate links below. I’ve included the materials I used to complete this tutorial, but feel free to mix it and up and use stones that you like best.

The Process:

Attach a binder clip to one end of your elastic string to keep the beads from falling off the other side and begin stringing them. I did 3 sets of 7 beads since it wrapped around my wrist nicely but add more or less depending on how wide your wrist is.

Tie the elastic together to form a tight circle.

String the tassel or other embellishment onto the string. I like doing this step last so I know the beads won’t come loose if I accidentally pull on the tassel before I’m ready.

Next, slip your new stone bracelet on while you make another! Stack them, gift them, and switch the stones up to create unique jewelry that’s all your own.

I hope you like this little DIY and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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Lisa Miller-Mecham
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