DIY Tile Bead Bracelets

During summer break I don't ignore any of my summer camp craft impulses. That means, if a craft I did as a kid pops into my head, I go for it. I figure it's just my inner child wanting me to connect with her, and I mean, if crafting is what she wants, I'm not gonna deny her! And aside from tie dye, bracelet-making has to be the one summer camp craft that has popped in my head the most. I love buying a kit of colorful beads, stringing them and covering my wrists and the wrists of my kids, friends, and spouse with bright, happy beads. A couple of weeks ago you might have caught our clay bead tutorial that was so much fun, but it was a bit more advanced since beads are very tiny. However, today's bead project are perfect for little fingers and create unique results that are a little outside of the typical pony bead variety — we're making tile bead bracelets!

Here is what you'll need:

Supplies needed to make Tile Bead Bracelets

Tile Bead Kit (this kit is similar to the out of stock kit that we used)


Jewelry glue or super glue

How to make Tile Bead Bracelets

Step 1: The fun thing about tile beads is the way they lay flat on your wrist, but to make this happen they are strung with two strings so that they don't flip. So, to begin, cut two strings of identical length that will fit your wrist.

Step 2: String your beads in the desired color and pattern through both strings. You can also spell things with the letter beads!

Tip: We like to lay out our words and patterns before stringing them to make sure we like them and that they will fit on our string!

Step 3: Once all of the desired beads have been strung on your strings, tie both ends off in a tight knot and trim the excess with scissors.

Step 4: Place a small dot of jewelry glue or super glue on the knots and blow until tacky. This will keep the knots from slipping.

Aren't they so much fun? I love the shape and colors of these beads and they look so happy stacked up together on a wrist! We love personalizing them with names or phrases that mean something to us, or giving them away to make someone else's day!

What is your favorite summer camp-style craft? We'd love to hear your faves!

Happy making!


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