DIY Rainbow Galaxy Earrings From Polymer Clay

by MyVian
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One can never have too many earrings! Add a pair of ethereal rainbow galaxy earrings to the collection. All you need is polymer clay and some alcohol ink to make these earrings an addition to your accessory drawer.

Tools and materials:

  • Polymer clay
  • Acrylic roller
  • Ink diluent
  • Alcohol inks
  • Metallic powder
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • Cookie cutters
Rainbow clay earrings

Prepare the clay base  

Start by preparing the base. Using an acrylic roller, create a large flat piece of polymer clay about 2-3mm (0.1 inches) thick. 

Pour on diluent

Pour on ink diluent 

Pour some diluent over the clay slab and spread it with a paintbrush.

Clay and alcohol ink

Add the ink

Take the alcohol ink and drop the ink randomly. The larger the blot the more saturated that color will be and the smaller the blot the lighter the effect. Use as many colors as you want to create the rainbow effect. 

Sprinkle the metallic powder

Add the metallic powder 

Once you have all the colors on the slab, dip the second paintbrush in the metallic powder and sprinkle it over the slab. Let the powder fall inside the liquid. 

Blow the liquid

Blow the liquid

Blow the liquid around on the slab. Mix together the colors and metallic powder. Keep going until you are happy with the result. You don’t need to use a straw in this step, blowing directly works perfectly. 

Rainbow polymer clay earrings

Once you are happy with your creation, let the liquid sit for about 10-15 minutes to dry a little. 

How to make rainbow earrings

Cut out the earring pieces 

After letting the liquid dry a bit, use the cookie cutters to cut out your earring pieces. Pop the pieces in the oven, following the instructions on your polymer clay package. If you don’t have a drill, don’t forget to poke a hole in the earring pieces before they go in the oven. 

Rainbow galaxy earrings

These rainbow galaxy earrings are truly out of this world! Share your thoughts on this DIY in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Polymeric clay
  • Acrylic roller
  • Ink diluent
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  • Veena Veena on Feb 07, 2021

    Tiny quibble - Please always say 'polymer clay' as I clicked on the article and it wasn't real pottery clay.

    Way cool idea though for the plastic substance that is polymer clay.

    • Leslie Leslie on Jul 05, 2021

      Hi Veena, If I am correct the maker does not write the headings for the email. I am almost positive that Hometalk etc writes them. Same with the supply list at the end that always refers us to Amazon. The maker can give links within the body of the instructional but the Amazon links is all Hometalk. Hope that helps.

  • Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin on Jul 05, 2021

    Leslie is absolutely correct!