How to Make Fabric Cufflinks - Cute & Easy Gift Idea for the Holidays

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life? Here’s a really cool gift idea that doesn’t require much time yet is made with love!

I’m going to show you how to make fabric cufflinks for your dad, husband, brother, uncle, cousin, or even a friend!

This project is so easy, and it’s pretty affordable- perfect when you’re on a budget! Just wait for the results; you’ll instantly fall in love with these super cool DIY cufflinks!

Tools and materials:

  • Scrap fabric
  • Button covers
  • Cufflink posts
  • Jewelry glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Hair clips
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Toothpick

Note: To make these DIY cufflinks, I bought button covers from Amazon (size 20) and cufflink posts from Etsy. If this is your first time purchasing button covers, you’ll want to purchase a set with the kit.

Placing the pattern on the fabric

1. Cut the pattern

To make these cute button cufflinks, you’ll need to make a doughnut-like pattern on a piece of paper. The size depends on the size of the button covers you have.

Then, place the pattern on your fabric and determine where you’d like your cufflink design to be (this will be the inner circle).

Cutting around the pattern

Then, cut out the pattern by following the outer circle’s rim.

How to make cufflinks

2. Assemble the DIY cufflinks

Next, place one of your button holders on the wrong side of your fabric. Make sure the holder is centered.

Make your own cufflinks with buttons

Push the fabric and holder inside the button maker, as shown.

DIY cufflinks tutorial

Once it’s centered and even all around, push the edges of the fabric towards the center of the button holder.

Easy DIY cufflinks

Place the flatback on the inside.

Pressing the flatback into the button

Take your button tool and start pressing the flatback into the button.

Making buttons to use for DIY cufflinks

Once you hear a “pop,” that means the button is secure, and you can take it out of the button maker.

Sanding the cufflink posts with sandpaper

3. Sand the cufflinks

This step is totally optional but really goes a long way. Sand the tip of the cufflinks with some sandpaper. This will help the glue adhere.

Applying jewelry glue with a toothpick

4. Start gluing

Now, squeeze some jewelry glue on a piece of paper and use a toothpick for easy application.

Applying glue to the cufflinks and buttons

Apply glue to the flat part of the button. Also, apply this on the bottom part of the cufflink post.

Adhering the button to the cufflink post

Then, position the cufflink post in the center of the button. Hold it down for a few minutes and press firmly to ensure it adheres well.

Securing the fabric button with a hair clip

Slide a long hair clip over the cufflink to ensure the cufflink and button stay in place.

How to make fabric cufflinks

How to make fabric cufflinks tutorial

We’re done! These DIY cufflinks are easy, fun, and budget-friendly! It’s the perfect gift this Christmas! You can choose cheerful colors and patterns to spruce things up!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make fabric cufflinks. Merry Christmas!

Suggested materials:
  • Scrap fabric
  • Button covers
  • Cufflink posts
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