Smash Old China With a Hammer to Make Pretty Broken Plate Jewelry

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In this tutorial I will show you how to use a vintage plate, maybe one that you already have and is chipped, or one you pick up at a thrift store, and turn it into stunning broken-plate jewelry. It’s quite easy, and a great way to repurpose the old china that may still hold sentimental value for you.

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Tools and materials:

  • Old porcelain or china plate
  • Ziploc bag
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Tea towel
  • E6000 glue
  • Adhesive copper tape
  • Jump rings
  • Gold paint
  • Scrap leather
  • Leather cording
  • Chain
  • Pliers
Placing a porcelain plate into a Ziploc bag

1. Break your plate

Start by putting your porcelain plate into a Ziploc bag and sealing the bag. Try to choose a plate with a relatively small floral pattern so that your pieces will all have some pattern on them.

Hitting the plate with a hammer

Cover the bag with a tea towel and use a hammer or mallet to gently break the plate. 

Broken plate

You may need to turn the bag with plate over a couple of times to get it well broken.

Choosing pieces for the broken plate jewelry

2. Make your first broken plate charm

Choose which piece of the broken plate will make the best charm for your necklace.

Sanding down the edges

Use sandpaper or a sanding pad to smooth the edges of your charm.

Placing copper tape around the edge

Place copper tape around the edge of the charm.

Peeling the copper tape

Copper tape is easy to use – just peel and stick a little at a time as you stick it to your charm!

Sticking the copper tape to the edge

Stick the copper tape to the edge so that it extends a little bit (about ⅛ of an inch) above and below the edge of the charm.

How to make broken plate jewelry

Overlap the start and end of the copper tape and then trim it off.

Making a DIY necklace pendant

Gently press down the copper tape that was extended above and below the edges on all sides.

Squeezing glue onto leather

3. Make your second broken plate charm

Squeeze a bead of E6000 glue onto a small square of leather.

Placing a jump ring on the glue

Place a large jump ring on the glue, so half the jump ring extends below the leather square. Then add a bit more glue to hold the jump ring in place.

Placing the broken plate piece over the top

Place the broken piece of plate on the leather square, on top of the glue and overlapping the top of the jump ring. 

Trimming the excess leather

Let the glue completely dry and then trim the excess leather from the edges of the charm.

Painting the edges with gold paint

Now paint the edges of the charm with gold paint and let dry.

Adding a jump ring to the broken plate charm

4. Add a jump ring to your first charm

Put some E6000 glue at the top of your charm and place the jump ring on it so half the jump ring extends beyond the edge of the charm. Then glue leather onto the back of your charm as you did with the other charm.

Making a sliding adjustable necklace

5. Make a sliding adjustable necklace

Cut 3 feet of leather cording. Cross one end over the other and wrap it around 2 or 3 times.

How to make a sliding adjustable necklace

Slip the tail of the cord through the coil and pull it tight.

Take the other tail of the cord and slide it out, then make a sliding knot as you did with the first tail.

Trimming the ends of the tail

Trim the ends of the tail and you have a sliding, adjustable necklace.

Attaching the charm to the necklace

Use a jump ring to attach the charm to the necklace. I also added a small pearl to make the necklace even more interesting.

Adding a chain to the jump ring

6. Make a chain necklace

Use a jump ring to attach your charm to a chain necklace.

DIY broken plate jewelry

DIY broken plate jewelry tutorial

Aren’t the two broken plate charm necklaces pretty? They were so easy to make, and such a great way of preserving the memories in your old china.

Just think about how many of these DIY charm necklaces you can make from one broken plate – enough for lots of your family and friends! I hope you try this DIY porcelain jewelry technique and let me know how yours turned out by leaving a comment.

Suggested materials:
  • Old porcelain or china plate
  • Ziploc bag
  • Hammer or mallet
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  • Debbie Crabtree Debbie Crabtree on Aug 18, 2022

    Only one question! WHY??

  • Chris Gaines Chris Gaines on Aug 18, 2022

    I have been doing this with lead-free solder for many years! I create Angels, cats, dogs, horses, whatever the customer wants! One thing is I ask for old chipped dishes at thrift shops and garage sales! Happy Crafting!