How to: Viking Woven Wire Jewelry

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30 Minutes

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to use Viking weaving technique to create a beautiful stone necklace. This technique works with almost any shaped stone and can make all of your accessories look extra special.

Tools and materials:

  • Wire (28 gauge, 0.3 mm, 12 inches)
  • Ruler
  • Stones
  • Pliers
  • Bale
Wire weaving jewelry

Curl your wire 

Wrap the edge of the wire around one of the pliers and begin to curl. Repeat this a couple of times and then take the short end and wrap it under and around to secure the loops. By the end, it should look like the image above. 

Wire weaving

Tape the stone 

Cut off a small piece of tape and slip it through the hole you’ve just created. Now, place the stone you are attaching to the necklace underneath the tape, and secure it across the top of the stone. 

Viking weaving jewelry

Wrap the stones 

Bring the wire across the back of the stone and wrap it around towards the front. Take the loose end and slip it through the hole on the top that you created earlier. Bring it through the hole and then around to the other side (across the front) to create a small loop. Repeat this process again to make a matching loop on the back. Bring the wire back towards the front, slip it under the first wrapping and loop it across to the other side to create the second level. Continue until the stone is wrapped. (To watch this process go to 3:10 on the video). 

Viking weaving

Secure the wrapping 

To secure the wrapping, slip the wire under the last two levels and wrap it a couple of times, using some pliers to cut off any excess. Now, remove the tape from the top of the stone and twist the top loop a couple of times to tighten the wrapping. 

Viking woven wire

Finish the necklace 

Take your bale and use some pliers to twist one end open. Slip the pendant onto the open end and then twist it shut. Attach a chain to the other end and your necklace is finished! 

Woven wire jewelry

There you have it, a beautiful necklace using wire weaving! It is so easy and fun and makes any piece of jewelry that much nicer. Try this out with your favorites stones and shapes

Suggested materials:
  • Wire
  • Ruler
  • Stones
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