4 Easy & Popular DIY TikTok Trends You Can Try Out at Home

Ella Elbells
by Ella Elbells
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There are a lot of DIY TikTok trends going around that are honestly very easy to make. People are selling them for so much money, and I thought that I could probably make them myself.

So here we are; I'm going to try to DIY some of the trendy things right now. We've got phone charms, beaded necklaces, clay rings, and a tank top.

Tools and materials:

  • Pliers 
  • Crimp beads 
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster clasps 
  • Extender chain
  • String 
  • Beads 
  • Polymer clay 
  • Glaze 
  • Paintbrush
  • Tan top
  • Sticky letters 
  • Spray fabric paint

DIY beaded necklace

Martha Calvo necklaces

These chunky beaded necklaces are so in right now, specifically, the ones from Martha Calvo. They retail for about $150-$200 which is pretty pricey so we're going to DIY them instead. 

For the beads, you can use colorful beads, pearls, letters, honestly, whatever you want; it's supposed to be kind of random. I'm going to be loosely inspired by the Martha Calvo necklaces, however, I want to do my own thing and just like see what looks cute.

Cutting string for the necklace

1. Cut the string

Measure out the string and cut. To do this, you can take a necklace you have and like the length of, and copy it.

Knotting the string

2. Knot

Fold the string in half and tie a knot on your loop; I recommend doing a double or even triple knot.

Adding a crimp bead

3. Add a crimp bead

Take one of the crimp beads and thread it on the non-knotted part of the string; the hook should be facing down. Take your pliers and close the crimp bead. Then cut off the excess string.

Adding an extender chain

4. Add the extender chain

Now you could get an extender, jump rings, and lobster clasps, and connect the three parts. I will use a pre-made one I bought that’s a little bit easier.

Open up the jump ring, thread that onto the crimp bead part of your string, and close it up.

Beading the necklace

5. Add beads

Now it's time to start beading! You want a little symmetry and a pattern that looks intentional but not overly structured. 

Closing the necklace

6. Close the necklace

To close the necklace, put another crimping bead on with the hook side up and then a little jump ring.

DIY beaded necklace from TikTok

I'm going to give this DIY a 10 out of 10 - it was really enjoyable to do. I feel like the quality isn't going to be that much different whether you buy a super expensive one ot make one yourself.

DIY clay rings

Rolling out the polymer clay

1. Roll the clay

Start by rolling out some clay into a sausage shape. You can go for one color or combine multiple colors for more of a marbled effect. Then flatten the clay out a bit. If the clay is too thick, you won't be able to wear the ring on your finger comfortably.

Braiding the polymer clay

2. Braid

I want to create a ring in a braided design, so I’m going to twist two rolls of clay together. You can try to measure it, but I'm just going to hope it fits at least one finger when I'm done.

How to make polymer clay rings

I also made another design where I rolled the clay into a very long and thin sausage, and then snaked it round to get a folded effect.

Baking the rings in the oven

3. Bake the rings

Now they just go in the oven for about 15 minutes at 275F.

Applying a glaze to the rings

4. Glaze

Once the rings have cooled, it is time to glaze. With the glaze I’m using, you have to wait 30 minutes between coats, and then it takes 24 hours to dry.

DIY polymer clay rings from TikTok

Here are the finished rings! They're super shiny and they look so cute. 

DIY polymer clay rings

The great thing about these rings is that you can make them in whatever colors you want and do whatever designs you want.

DIY phone charms 

Cutting the string for the phone charm

1. Cut and loop the string

Cut some string to an appropriate length and then do the same thing you did with the necklaces. Tie a loop, except this loop will be a bit bigger.

Adding a crimp bead

2. Add a crimp bead

Add a crimp bead over the top of the knot and close it up.

Adding beads to the phone charm

3. Add beads

Now we're going to start beading. When done, tie it off in a knot.

How to make a phone charm

4. Complete the charm

Now put another crimping bead onto the other side, close it up and then take a jump ring and connect the two crimping beads together. To finish, loop the jump ring through the hole next to the volume button. 

DIY phone charm

I think that I could have made the loop a lot smaller but other than that, I think this turned out really cute.

DIY tank top t-shirt 

Sticking letters on a t-shirt

1. Stick letters on a t-shirt

I’m going to write the word ‘angel’ on my t-shirt so I’m sticking the letters on that spell it out.

Spray painting over the stencil

2. Spray paint

Lay your top out on a protective surface and it’s now time for the fun part - the spray painting.

How to spray paint on clothes

3. Remove the letters

Give the paint a little bit of time to dry and then remove the letters. Then you can also spray paint the back of the top if you like.

DIY spray-painted top

Here is the finished top! I’ve styled it with some flared jeans and cowboy boots.

DIY TikTok trends

Overall, I think everything I made compares very well to the trends I've seen on TikTok and what people are selling. The idea behind most of the trends is basically big flashy accessories and fun colors, kind of nostalgic for the 90s.

I hope you’ll give these DIY TikTok trends a go for yourself!

Suggested materials:
  • Pliers
  • Crimp beads
  • Jump rings
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