Beginner-friendly Jewelry Tutorial: How to Make a Wire Wrapped Ring

Kimberlie Kohler
by Kimberlie Kohler
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Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s wire wrapping tutorial.

Learning how to make a DIY wire ring is the perfect way for beginners to practice wire wrapping techniques and end up with a gorgeous piece of jewelry. The ring we are making today is so simple but so stylish and it can be made with any color wire to customize the look.

All you need is a few inches of wire and basic jewelry tools to make these. Let’s get started with how to make a wire wrapped ring!

Tools and materials:

• Wire 16 - 20 gauge 

• Ring mandrel (or ring sizer)

• Ruler

• Wire cutters

• Round nose pliers

• Chain nose pliers

• Rubber mallet (optional)

Ring mandrel

1. Determine the ring size

You can do this with either your ring mandrel or ring sizer but if you don’t have either of these tools, find a cylindrical object that is approximately your ring size.

Measuring the wire

2. Measure your wire

Lay your wire on a flat surface and measure about 7 inches. Use wire cutters to snip this piece off.


Wrapping the wire

3. Start wrapping the wire

I suggest starting a size smaller than the ring you are trying to make. So, if you want to make a size 9 ring, start on a size 8.

Place the middle of the wire under your mandrel at the starting measurement.  

Wrapping the wire

Wrap the wires equally around the mandrel twice. 

Wrapping the wire

You will end up with two wires showing at the back. 

Wrapping the wire

And three in the front.


Tightening the wire

4. Tighten the wire

Pull on each end of the wire to tighten it up. As you can see above, even though I want my ring to be a size 9, I am tightening it to a size 8. 


Removing the mandrel

Remove the ring from the mandrel.

Cutting excess wire

5. Cut excess wire

We are now going to cut off the excess wire. We want a flush cut, so ensure the wire cutter’s backside turns towards your work when cutting.

Use the ring spirals to measure where to cut off your excess wire. 

Repeat on both sides of the ring.

Making loops

6. Make your loops

Grab your round nose pliers to make loops on both sides of the ring. 

Our loops are going to face out so remember to twist away from you. You're just going to twist your wrists around and go as far as you can go. 

Making loops

Then readjust your hand to the starting point.


Making loops

Twist again to complete the loop.


Making loops

Your loop will not be lying how we ultimately want it to lie.

Making loops

Take your chain nose pliers and pull the loop up so it is flat.  

Adjust the loop so it is completely closed at its endpoint.

Making loops

Repeat the process making a second loop on the other side of your ring.


Trying on wire wrapped ring

I suggest putting the ring on your finger to make sure everything is lying flat. 

If you want to stop here, you can but if you have a mallet you can continue to the next step.

Hammering ring

7. Harden up the ring

Place the ring back on your mandrel and start hammering it with a mallet to smooth it out and give it more of a professional finish.


Completed wire wrapped rings

How to make a wire wrapped ring,

These are my finished wire wrapped rings. I think they are really cute and simple. 

The rings can be made in various gauges and colors to create different looks.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try it out yourself. Let me know how it went. Have a great day!

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Suggested materials:
  • Wire 16 - 20 gauge
  • Ring mandrel (or ring sizer)
  • Ruler
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