5 Lazy Natural Hairstyles for Stretched Hair You Can Do in 5 Minutes

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by Lauryn Nicole
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If your hair is stretched out and you’re looking for easy and lazy natural hairstyles, this is the tutorial for you! Your hair is your crowning glory and sometimes you just want to take it easy and not stress the hair out too much.

Here are 5 lazy natural hairstyles perfect for every day or even a special occasion. Let’s dive in!

Tools and materials:

  • Edge control hair styling product
  • Hair oil
  • Scrunchie - fabric and not a true elastic
  • Edge control brush or toothbrush
  • Silk scarf

Note: Edge control is also known as edge tamer. It’s a styling product meant to smooth the hairs around your hairline. It’s similar to a styling gel but it’s a lot less fluid than a regular hair gel.

Some brands of edge control help to strengthen, repair, and regrow your hair. Super helpful for us ladies with natural hair. You can buy these products at any beauty supply store.

Applying oil to hair

Apply oil to the hair

Apply hair oil to any short or broken hairs to help them regrow. Massage the oil in, fluff, and gently separate the hair with your fingers.

Lazy hairstyles for natural hair

1. Full and fluffy

To get this fluffy look, braid your hair into 2 braids and keep them braided for 2 days. Open the braids and you’ll have gorgeous bouncy full curls.

Setting edges with edge control

Apply the edge control with the brush to the hairs on the hairline, including the sideburns.

Fluffing hair with fingers

With your fingers, fluff and position the hair to look full of volume and pumped up. This soft look is natural and sweet. Easy!

Taking curls from the front to frame the face

2. Soft and chic

Take 3-4 pieces from the front to frame your face. 

Tying hair up in a low poof

Create a low poof in the back by grabbing the rest of the hair with a scrunchie. Loop it just once. I pull the scrunchie up higher to give more volume in the poof.

I treat the scrunchie as a soft headband because it helps amp up the hair height. Look how awesome this looks!

Lazy day hairstyles for natural hair

This look helps frame the face while keeping most of the hair off the neck.

Arranging curls in the front

3. Perfect pony

Take 3-4 pieces from the front and arrange them to prettily frame your face. 

Pull the hair to the back with the scrunchie to make a high pony. Make only one loop to get gorgeous volume at the top. Fluff if needed.

Easy lazy hairstyles natural hair

This look gives a regal appearance with the high pony.

Pulling hair into a high ponytail

4. Totally on top

Pull all the hair into a high pony. Play with it using your fingers to get it to the right stage of fluffiness.

Tying a scarf around the head

You could keep the pony as is or add a colorful scarf to accentuate the high pony. 

Tying the colorful hair scarf at the front

Use a long tie-type scarf and wrap it around your head, tying the knot in the front. 

How to do lazy natural hairstyles

Fluff the hair around it to conceal the knot. When you move your head, others will catch a glimpse of the pretty scarf!

Fluffing hair for volume

5. Fancy free

Pull all your hair into a high pony, using a scrunchie. Loop only one time. Use a long tie-style scarf wrapped around your head and at the base of your hairline. Knot it in the front or in the back; your preference!

Remove the scrunchie from the high pony and fluff the hair all around, using your fingers. Fluff the sides for your desired volume.

Super lazy natural hairstyles

This last look leaves the hair natural and free but with color and drama!

5 Lazy natural hairstyles

Lazy natural hairstyles tutorial

There you have it! 5 lazy day hairstyles for natural hair that look beautiful without taking a lot of time or damaging your hair. These are perfect to do when you’re giving your hair a bit of a rest from product, heat, or chemicals.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Edge control hair styling product
  • Hair oil
  • Scrunchie - fabric and not a true elastic
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