6 Cute & Edgy Ways to Style Black Vinyl Leggings Outfits

Dana Kind of Day
by Dana Kind of Day

In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to wear vinyl leggings because they can be a bit of a hard item to style.

I’ve put together six trendy black vinyl leggings outfits to show you that they are versatile and give you some inspiration for how to wear them. Let's get started!

How to style vinyl leggings

1. Monochrome base

For the first outfit, I created a monochrome base by styling the leggings with a black t-shirt.

While the color of the two pieces is the same, I really like the contrast of materials with the cotton t-shirt and vinyl bottoms.

I’ve thrown a denim jacket on the top, which is the perfect accompaniment to the look.

I have some funky sneakers on my feet to create a comfy, everyday sort of feel. A pair of sunglasses and a handbag finish off the look.

Wearing vinyl leggings with a large blazer

2. Oversized blazer

Here, I’ve gone for something a bit more dressy. I styled the leggings with a simple crop top and I'm wearing an oversized blazer, which elevates the look.

The dark black and brown tones that run through the outfit also create a grown-up, sophisticated vibe.

On my feet, I have some chunky leather boots, which also dress the outfit up yet keep it trendy and contemporary. 

How to wear vinyl leggings

3. Long coat

In this look, I had a lot of fun playing with color. We have our black leggings paired with a gray vest. Over the top, I added a black and white long coat which brings a pop of print to the outfit.

I have a green baguette bag to accessorize, and I’ve tied this in with my white and green loafers, creating a coordinated and harmonious look.

The hints of green are a really playful element.

Vinyl leggings outfit with a hoodie

4. Oversized hoodie

This outfit right here would be great to wear to a concert.

I’ve styled the vinyl legging with an oversized graphic band sweater. I’ve gone for Nivarna, but you could switch it out for whatever your favorite band is.

A bucket hat amps up the fangirl aesthetic, and of course, where would I be without a pair of pink shades? Some chunky sneakers and a white handbag complete the look.

Boho-style back vinyl leggings outfit

5. Shaggy chic

Here I’m wearing a gorgeous shaggy, tassel sweater, which brings some wonderful texture to the rest of the outfit.

I’ve paired the leggings with over-the-knee boots, which is an unexpected combination, but it really works.

A paperboy cap is a cute little accessory that I’ve added that matches the color of the sweater. This outfit gives me Western vibes.

Simple and casual black vinyl leggings outfit

6. Black and cream

Last but not least, I’ve gone for a black and cream combo. The soft wool sweater really elevates the leggings and makes them look glam and classy.

I went with some open-back kitten heels for footwear which adds a touch of elegance to this outfit. The low height of the heels means that the outfit still looks laid-back and not over the top.

I added an asymmetrical twist with a cross-shoulder fanny pack, and a wide-brim hat finishes the outfit off.

Styling black vinyl leggings outfits

There we have six different ways that you can wear vinyl leggings. If you haven’t worn vinyl leggings before, don’t shy away from them, part of the fun of fashion is trying new things.

Despite their shiny material, vinyl leggings are actually a lot more versatile than you might think so I hope you’ll have a go at styling them.

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