How to Create Fun Ombre Nails With Dip Powder and Stamps

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If you ever wanted to learn how to do a triple ombre nail design, then this tutorial is for you!

This 3-color ombre technique is done without any gels: it’s all about the dips and stamping here. So, let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Neutral nail polish colors (lightest to darkest)
  • Builder gel or rubber base
  • Dip powders in blue, yellow, and pink
  • Dip liquid (base, activator, top coat)
  • Stamping plate with floral designs
  • Stamping polish in black and other colors
  • Smudge-free top coat
  • Lint roller
  • Toothpick or thin brush
  • Acetone or nail polish remover
Preparing the nails

1. Prepare your nails

Start with clean, trimmed nails. 

Apply builder gel or rubber base and create your desired nail shape.

Applying dip powder

2. Apply neutral colors

Begin with the lightest neutral color as the base.    


Apply two thin and even coats of each neutral color, ensuring they don't overlap.

Removing excess powder

Between each layer, remember to clean off the excess powder around your nail bed.

Removing excess powder

Lightly brush off the excess dip powder from the top of your nails. 

I did two coats of neutral color followed by a coat of clear dip powder.

Dip powder ombre technique

3. Use this triple ombre technique

Start with tapping the blue powder onto the bottom third of your nail. 

Using a brush to tap on the dip powder will help you get nice thin layers.

Dip powder ombre technique

Tap the yellow powder onto the middle section, overlapping slightly with the blue.

Dip powder ombre technique

Finally, tap the pink powder onto the top section, overlapping slightly with the yellow. 

Allow the powders to sit for a moment to blend.

Dip powder ombre technique

Clean up the edges. 

4. Apply the second layer of ombre

Repeat the ombre process for the second layer, but reverse the order of colors. Start with the color that needs to pop the most (e.g., yellow), followed by the other colors.

Unfortunately, I realized that reverse tip too late. I should have started with the yellow on the bottom third. 

Ensure even application and blending between colors.

Dip powder ombre technique

5 Blend by scrubbing

Use an ombre brush to scrub the colors together for a smoother transition.

Dip powder ombre technique

Focus on areas where colors meet to create a seamless blend. 

By scrubbing the edges, you are creating new colors in the ombre blend.

You can see the green emerging where the yellow and blue edges were scrubbed, and orange where the pink and yellow edges are scrubbed.

Applying top coat

6. Apply top coat and finishing

Apply a clear top coat over the ombre nails.

Filing nails

Activate your ombre nails, then buff, file, and shape them for a smooth finish.

How to nail stamp

7. Prepare for stamping

Clean your stamping plate with acetone to remove any residue.

Then, roll your stampers over a lint roller to ensure they're clean and free of debris.

How to nail stamp

8. Stamp your nails

Use stamping polish to transfer floral designs onto your nails that you left neutral, with no ombre application.

How to nail stamp

For layered stamping, ensure each layer is clean and visible for accurate placement. 

Using a larger image for layered stamping is easier.

How to nail stamp

Use a toothpick or thin brush for filling in designs, especially for reverse stamping. 

9. Allow to dry

Let the stamped designs dry completely before applying any top coat.

How to nail stamp

10. Apply top coat

Apply a smudge-free top coat over the stamped designs. Allow the top coat to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

Applying top coat

11. Use dip top-coating

Apply dip liquid activator and top coat following the manufacturer's instructions. 

Ensure the smudge-free top coat is fully dry to prevent wrinkling.

Now, just check for any imperfections and touch up, if necessary.

Ombre nails with dip powder

Ombre nails with dip powder

Then, admire your triple ombre and stamped nail art masterpiece! 

By following these steps, you can achieve a stunning triple ombre and stamped nail design, perfect for any occasion. Remember to take your time and enjoy the creative process! 

Leave a comment to let me know how your 3-color ombre nails turned out!

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Suggested materials:
  • Neutral nail polish colors (lightest to darkest)
  • Builder gel or rubber base
  • Dip powders in blue, yellow, and pink
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