5 Looks That Prove Secondhand Can Be Fashionable

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

Secondhand typically gets a bad rep. People usually think of old, frumpy, out-of-date pieces.

But recently, thrifting has become more popular and I'm so excited about it!

I'm here to help push the movement forward.

Here are 5 looks to showcase different ways of getting clothes secondhand and to give you inspiration for styling your own secondhand pieces.

Stand out pieces

While vintage shopping, you're sure to come across plenty of over sized blazers, colorful windbreakers, or bright coats/jackets.

This red coat is actually from my grandma's closet!

Styling the outfit around the coat, by choosing neutral and similar tones, helps keep the looks from looking too busy.

You'd never know this look is secondhand.

And don't forget to raid your family members' closets for items they no longer want.

Keep it subtle.

This leather blazer was a men's jacket I found on Facebook Marketplace. I styled it with all dark tones to keep the look casual.

Don't be afraid to "cross dress". Many pieces marked as "Men's" can actually be styled to fit a feminine style. When secondhand shopping, it's important to venture out of traditional labels because not everything is as well categorized as they would be in a department shop.

Give it a moment!

This gorgeous sweater is from one of many vintage resellers online.

I have an entire blog post on where to shop secondhand online for you here: https://www.upstyledaily.com/diy/where-to-shop-secondhand-online-44427166

The heels I paired it with are also an up cycle I did a while back. You can make them for yourself by following this tutorial here: https://www.upstyledaily.com/diy/shoes/decorate-restyle-or-refashion/how-to-turn-basic-heels-to-trendy-neon-44323694

Dress it up!

Don't be afraid to wear secondhand for formal events! I've gotten many compliments on fancier looks and the surprise that crosses people's faces when I tell them it's thrifted is priceless.

This pink dress for example was actually a nightgown that I cut the bow off!

Cater to your style

Switching to secondhand doesn't mean you have to lose your style.

This blue sweater was from the men's section of GoodWill, but that doesn't mean I couldn't pair it with this thrifted black skirt and make it my own.

Have fun with your style and make thrifting an experimental activity!

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