22 Sleek Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Ideas for Fall

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova
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Your fall wardrobe can be put together so easily with this tutorial. I am going to show you how to turn 12 items into 22 different outfits.

This fall capsule wardrobe is made up of minimalistic, neutral-colored fall closet essentials, so picking what to wear in the morning will be a breeze!

You may already have many of these wardrobe essentials, but if you need to shop, these basic items are likely available through discount stores and second-hand shops. So, this fall wardrobe doesn’t need to eat into your wallet. Let's get started!

Leather trench coat

1. Leather trench coat

Pick a very neutral, simple trench coat that will go with everything else in your fall capsule wardrobe. Choosing leather means your trench coat will give more dimension to your outfit.

I chose a gray trench coat because it can easily be paired with denim, black or white.

Chunky oversized sweater

2. Chunky oversized sweater

I chose gray again for this chunky sweater, for its pairing versatility. Here, I’m wearing it with plain black pants.

This loose-fitting, oversized sweater is soft and cozy – an essential for your fall wardrobe!

Skin-tight long-sleeved top

3. Skin-tight long-sleeved top

I chose a black top with an edgy-looking cut-out. The cut-out adds some spice to my wardrobe and the black color pairs with everything else.

Basic white top

4. Basic white top

Add a simple white long-sleeved t-shirt to your fall capsule wardrobe as a perfect base piece for your other wardrobe essentials.

I chose a long sleeve so that, in the fall weather, I can even wear it without a second layer.

Classic black blazer

5. Classic black blazer

This is a foundational piece of outerwear for the fall. Choose one that is slightly oversized but still somewhat fitted.

This blazer will give you tons of styling options, including working as a coat in the fall.

Pants for fall

6. Two pant options

Include one dark and one light bottom in your fall wardrobe. I chose black leather pants, and light-washed, blue, denim jeans.

These two bottoms will provide options for pairing with all of your top pieces.

Pants for fall

The black leather pants are for a less casual look than the jeans, but also pair well with everything else in your wardrobe.

Basic black skirt

8. Basic black skirt

This black denim skirt, with a length somewhere between midi and maxi, is trendy and adds a different look into your fall capsule wardrobe.

Shoes for fall

9. Two shoe options

Because one pair of shoes will never do, I’ve added two shoe options to this wardrobe: flats and heels.

For flats, I chose a pair of gray sneakers. They are comfortable and the gray matches all my other fall wardrobe pieces.

A pair of simple black ankle boots with heels works when I need to style-up a bit more.

Accessories for fall capsule wardrobe

9. Add color with accessories

Your fall capsule wardrobe is all black, white and gray, so make your accessories colorful. Check out how my green bags pops against my black clothes!

Accessories for fall capsule wardrobe

Of course, you can still turn to a simple black bag if you want to keep your look monochrome.

10. Put it all together!

 Are you ready to see all the outfits you can put together from these 12 fall capsule wardrobe items? Look below!

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfit ideas

Capsule wardrobe fall outfits

With these 22 outfits, from your neutral fall wardrobe capsule of 12 items, you will definitely be able to put together a look for every occasion!


I hope this tutorial makes it easy for you to assemble your fall wardrobe. Leave a comment to let me know how you liked it.

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