Dressing for Over 40s

by Glamorouslady_x

I have turned 40 last summer and I found that within a month of turning 40 I was looking through my wardrobe and rethinking a lot of my fashion choices. I started questioning whether what I wanted to wear was appropriate for my age and if I could still “get away with it”. So is this dilemma common for over 40s, is it something that we come up with ourselves due to the fact that we are entering a new decade in our lives or is it something that society instills in us?

This photograph was taken on my last holiday in my 30s. I felt confident wearing shorts and a top that showcased my belly as I walked.

However, I am away on holiday this month and what I have packed in my suitcase is so entirely different to the look in the photo above.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning on completely covering up. But, my outfit choices will be a little bit longer and include many maxi length summer dresses.

So is this something that we learn from our society? That women over 40 should consider their outfit choices and look more demure? Or is it the case that once you hit that big 4, 0 you feel less confident in your body, your skin is not as it used to be and you feel like you should be covering up more?

I definitely think that I have changed my wardrobe a bit since my 40th birthday. I still wear shorter dresses, like I’m wearing in the photograph above, but I would consider wearing a long sleeved dress and pop a longer blazer over my dress in order to cover up at the back.

I’m linking the black blazer in the photo as it’s a great length one:


Another option for my summer holidays this year is wearing maxi dresses but with a high split at the front. This way I’m still showing a bit of skin but it’s a more classy look.

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  • Bus49638425 Bus49638425 on Jun 05, 2022

    I personally think you should wear what makes you feel confident, Sexy and comfortable. If your in the best shape of your life or you have a specific body part you love to show off, I say show it off. As long as your not trying to look like a teenager hehe. I think you looked lovely in your pics and the first photo is perfect on you, don't give that up🙂

  • Glamorouslady_x Glamorouslady_x on Jun 06, 2022

    Thank you- it’s very kind of you 😊