10 Cute & Professional Office Outfits for Women With Broad Shoulders

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

Today, I’m going to show all the beautiful broad-shoulder ladies how to feel confident and fabulous in their work outfits!

I have a bunch of amazing outfits for women with broad shoulders and you’ll get tips and tricks to look your best during working hours.

If you want to know what to wear if you have broad shoulders, so you can look in the mirror and feel great, then scroll down to get inspired!

Trouser outfits for broad shoulders

Wide leg pants with a fitted button-up

Let’s start with some trouser outfits since these are my go-to items. These are comfy wide-legged trousers with a loose and flowy flare.

Wide leg pants widen your bottom leg, thus balancing your upper body, too. I wear these pants with a satin fitted button-up top, and I instantly feel chic and fabulous!

Wearing a large blazer with broad shoulders

Throwing on an oversized blazer to the mix will really enhance your broad shoulders. Embracing your broad shoulders will really boost your confidence levels. 

Straight-leg pants with a blouse

If you're not a fan of wide-legged trousers, then straight-leg pants will work just fine!

This is also one of my favorite outfits for broad shoulders as it evens out the symmetry between my upper and lower body.

I paired it with this beautiful doodle design top that has ruching right at the shoulders, making it look like I have shoulder pads. 

What to wear with broad shoulders

I used to hate wearing blazers because of my broader shoulders, but now I’m all for it. It defines my body shape even more and gives me a more tailored appearance.

I paired this look with a lovely scarf-printed blouse and a pair of comfy Oxford shoes. 

What to wear if you have broad shoulders

If you don't want something super loose-fit, another great option is tapered trousers. I’ve worn these pants to death since they’re super snug yet still have an elegant edge to them.

I chose to match these trousers with a dainty mock neck blouse and my good old pair of Oxford shoes. 

Skirt outfits for broad shoulders

Pleated skirt with a fitted blouse

Now, onto some skirt outfits. I adore pleated skirts, and I think they look fab for us broad-shoulder ladies. Since they’re loose, they end up (again) balancing your lower body to your broader upper body.

I paired this specific black pleated skirt with a fitted blouse with these fun pompom details. I think it’s totally work-appropriate but adds an extra sprinkle of fun. 

Pleated skirt with a knit sweater and a belt

Here’s another chic way to wear a pleated skirt. I opted for this cozy light knit sweater and added a statement belt at the waist to add an all-rounded curvaceous feel.

Remember, you can always play around with colors and patterns. 

Blouse with a printed A-line skirt

Here's another favorite and must-have outfit for broad shoulders; the A-line skirt.

How to style broad shoulders

I decided to go a little bolder by wearing this stunning printed skirt. See, you don’t always have to wear neutral colors; anything matched correctly will always look fab and effortless. 

Dress outfits for broad shoulders

Dress styles for broad shoulders

Now, let’s get onto some amazing dress styles for broad shoulders. I am in love with the silhouette of this fit and flare dress.

I love the pleat details and its vintage-style vibe. I wear it to special work occasions and conferences. The green tone is to die for! 

Outfits for women with broad shoulders

Since I already professed my love for pleated skirts, this pleated tie-waist dress shouldn’t come as a surprise as my best outfit. It’s a comfy and flowy option that still looks great for the office.

Thanks to the beautiful orange color, it makes me feel like a pumpkin princess. 

Work outfits for women with broad shoulders

So, there you have it. With a bit of balance and creative thinking, it’s easy to come up with some great office outfits for women with broad shoulders!

The takeaway from this style guide is to create a balance between your upper and lower body. Wearing flowy pieces works wonders.

Now you can go to work feeling confident, sexy, and comfortable by jazzing up your clothing items to make them broad-shoulder friendly. 

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