Perfect Style for Anyone Who Needs to Pull Their Hair Back

5 Materials
10 Minutes

Check out this braided, bun hairstyle! It’s perfect for anyone who needs to pull all of their hair back!

Follow along with my step-by-step tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • Dense brush with tail end
  • Clear hair elastics
  • Regular hair brush
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins
Detangling hair

1. Detangle the front section of hair

Starting with a center part, separate a section of hair one one side of the part in the front. Smooth it out with your brush.

2. 1st braid

Separate 3 small strands at the hairline. 

Braiding hair

Make a small, taut braid, adding small sections of hair as you go, until you reach the back of your head. 

Braiding hair

Braid regularly for a few more crosses and then secure with a clear, hair elastic.

Braiding hair

3. Repeat

Make a 2nd braid in the same way on the other side of your part. 

Braiding hair

4. Collect all the hair and make a loop bun

Grab all the length of your hair together in 1 hand and use a regular hair brush to smooth the sides. 

Brushing hair

Tie a slick, loop bun with a decent amount of ends to work with.

Topsy tailing ends

5. Double topsy tail the ends

Bring the ends forward, on the sides of the bun.

Secure them together using a hair elastic, leaving a minimal tail.

Then flip the tail up and into the gap.

Topsy tailing ends

Here’s what this topsy tail detail looks like at this point:

Topsy tailing ends

Then tuck the tail in the gap once more. 

Making figure-of-8

6. Figure 8

Cross 1 side over the other to make a figure 8 shape. 

Making figure-of-8

Bring this backward toward the bun, placing the bun through the open hole of the figure 8.

Tucking ends

Tuck the small ends under the bun and secure with bobby pins, if necessary.

That’s it for this braided bun look: 

Braided bun look

No hair in your face and nothing can stop you now!

Braided bun look

Perfect style for anyone who needs to pull their hair back

Let me know in the comments if you will try this all-up braided bun hairstyle.

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Suggested materials:
  • Dense brush with tail end
  • Clear hair elastics
  • Regular hair brush
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