Put Your Winter Sweaters Away Like THIS to Save Space

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Thick knit sweaters are a closet staple for the cold months, but they can take up so much room in your closet and dressers!

For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to fold up your winter sweaters to save space when you put them away. Let’s get started.

Folding neck down

1. Fold down the neck

If you’re wearing a turtleneck, start by folding down that neck. 

Folding sleeves

2. Fold the sleeves

Fold the sleeves into the center, one on top of the other.

Make sure the sleeve folds right at the body, keeping the general rectangular shape.

Folding one side

3. Fold one side over

Fold one side of the sweater over to the center.

Folding other side

4. Fold the other side over

Fold the other side of the sweater over to the center.

Folding top down

5. Fold the top down

Fold the top of the sweater down, but leave a bit of the bottom of the sweater still revealed.

Tucking bottom into rest of sweater

6. Tuck the bottom into the rest of the sweater

Tuck the bottom up, but instead of folding it over the top, push it into the hole that’s created between the folded sleeves and the collar.


Push as much of the sweater in as you can and make sure there are no lumps and that it’s level all around.

Folded knit sweater

Folded knit sweater hack

Here’s the finished folded knit sweater! It’s very neat and saves so much space without being a frumpy mess.

Let me know down below if you’d try this folding hack down below.

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  • Marsha Marsha on May 03, 2023

    Wow! I love this folding sweater hack and I'll definitely use it as I have a storage bench full of winter sweaters that definitely take up a lot of space! Thanks!!!