Decorative & Removable Jeweled Shoe DIY

Whilst browsing Instagram last week I saw and fell in love with these jewelled shoes on HannahFGales instagram feed. They were by Kurt Geiger and alas, even though they were reduced from £60 to £30 I felt that I didn’t really need any more shoes in my life!

I did have an idea though! I had a very similar pair of plain black shoes and some craft supplies lying around, (thank god for hoarding) so why not try to make my own. Here we go…


  • A pair of black pumps
  • Black elastic 2cm wide
  • Black thread and a beading needle
  • Sew on jewels
  • Dot and Dab black hook and hoop stickers
  • Scissors


Make sure your shoes are clean and dry, cut two lengths of black elastic. To get the length, wear your shoes and wrap the elastic over your foot, remember to account for the elastic that will be inside your shoe.

Stick two of the hook and hoop circles inside your shoes, use the softer of the hook and hoop circles then if you wear the shoes without the attachments they won’t be rough on your skin. I did think the hook and loops would need to be hot glued into the shoe but they stuck really well without any extra adhesive.

I salvaged these jewels from an old dress I was never going to wear again but you can easily buy them from the  internet or a haberdashery shop. Start sewing on the jewels in a line using black thread. I bought some beading needles, these don’t have a thick head on them so can easily pass through beads and jewels. I picked mine up from Tesco for a bargain 33p on sale.

Once you have finished sewing, you are pretty much done, how easy was that, I made mine in under an hour. You can create different versions of this removable shoe decoration and change-up your look on a regular basis. Think I am going to make a pearl version too.

I love that I had all the items I needed for this DIY in my craft room and managed to save myself £30 plus if you add postage. If you upcycle your shoes with these , I would love to see so tag me on  @i_heart_maggie  for Instagram or  @IHeart_Maggie  on twitter.


Claire X

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  • Terre Tulsiak Terre Tulsiak on Jun 08, 2021

    I really like this idea. I bet you could market it. Like for sneakers even, as well as pumps- day to night.

  • Byoco Byoco on May 09, 2022

    While you’re at it take the elastic and wrap it around your foot and your shoe near the heel and your instep and especially for shoes that are a little bit loose it will tighten them up and give a different look and then you could do what you do add beads or whatever