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Five dollars for Manolo Blahnick’s? – that’s right. Do I have your attention now? Usually fit for commoners as weddings splurges, the coveted Manolo heel is a classic in high style that eludes many closets based on their price. However, for less than a Starbucks latte you can have the same style as Carrie Bradshaw on a Sunday.

Okay – so I tricked you. You can’t get Manolo Blahnick’s literally for less than five dollars – or least i don’t know where you would find such a place & if I did I would definitely be too selfish to share. However, for a trip into your craft drawer & an old necklace that needs a new life – you can create custom shoe clips that create the same iconic look.




Earrings Clips

Hot Glue Gun



  1. Gather your materials and plug in that hot glue gun.
  2. Cut a piece of felt into the desired shape. Mine was a circle (as seen to the left).
  3. Once you have decided on the configuration of your gems, hot glue

    them in place
  4. I trimmed around the edges of my shoe clip design to remove the excess felt.
  5. Taking one earring backing, glue the flat side to the top of your statement piece, as seen below.
  6. Clip onto your shoes !

I really love these shoe clips because they give a new look to a shoe without ruining it. This means you don’t have to commit to a style. The options are limitless with what belongs on a shoe clip. This could range from pom-poms to bows. ….& the best part is if you only wear it once, it cost you less than last night’s uber.

& If you’re not crafDIY like me, here are some really great bedazzled shoes:

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  • Connie Ring Ceban Connie Ring Ceban on Oct 05, 2021

    Great idea! I would just glue a bit of felt to the part of the clip against my foot in the shoe, so as not to snag nylons. Yes! Nylons! 😂😂 I’m older!

  • Kristine Jackson Kristine Jackson on May 07, 2022

    I’ve always loved doing this. We did this back in the 1980s. They also sell shoe clips so you can change them for different shoes. You can also put them on the back of your pumps. Lady Diana did this back then and we all followed the trend. It’s a lot of fun and stylish.