How to Make Cute DIY Shoe Clips Easily Using Beaded Trim

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by Torera George
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Hey guys, you know I'm big on DIY shoe clips so I decided to create this tutorial to show you how to jazz up your shoes with this very easy shoe clip.

I went to the fabric store and picked up this nice trim. That's all you need ready - some trim, glue, elastic, and some shoe clips. Let me show you how to make this.

Tools and materials:

  • Embellished trim
  • Elastic
  • Shoe clips
  • Glue
Shoe before adding the DIY shoe clip

Deciding placement for the DIY shoe clips

1. Determine placement

First off, wear your shoes and determine where you’d like to place your trim. I placed mine in the center and I liked how it looked. I tried a double trim but I felt it was too much.

So, see how you’d like your DIY shoe clips to be placed and go with what you like best! 

Cutting the trim to the desired length

2. Cut the trim

When you’re happy with the placement, measure it against your leg, and cut the trim accordingly. 

Applying glue to the trim

Adding ribbon to reinforce the trim

3. Make it sturdy

The trim was not very sturdy, so I decided to glue some extra ribbon onto the trim. You can skip this step if you feel it’s not relevant for you. 

Gluing elastic to the ends

4. Glue elastic

Now, cut a small piece of elastic, fold it in half, and glue the ends to create a loop.

The reason why elastic is important is that it allows for mobility while you walk. So, the elastic will stretch as you walk without it falling off. 

How to make decorative shoe clips

DIY shoe clip-on decorations

5. Glue the DIY shoe clip

Once the elastic is glued on and dried, go ahead and glue the shoe clip. Make sure the shoe clip is facing the right side. Try it on the shoe first before you glue it on. 

Tip: If you do not have an industrial type of glue, use a needle and thread. 

DIY shoe clip ideas

Now, press it down with a pair of tweezers until it dries. 

DIY shoe clips tutorial

Next, repeat the same steps on the other side. 

DIY shoe clips

Attaching the DIY shoe clips to the shoes

Shoes with DIY shoe clips

DIY shoe clip tutorial

Here are my beautiful DIY shoe clips! What do you think? I think people wouldn't even know that these are shoe clips and it's so cool that you can take them on and off.

For more DIY shoe clip ideas, you can read my previous tutorials on how to make embellishments for shoes and how to make decorative shoe clips in 4 different ways.

Thanks for joining and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Embellished trim
  • Elastic
  • Shoe clips
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