How to Make Decorative Shoe Clips in 4 Different Ways

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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make decorative shoe clips.

Following on from my last tutorial on how to make embellishments for shoes, I'm sharing four more fun shoe clip styles with bows and pom-poms you can easily clip on or off!

Shoes are the one static in our closet: style trends come and go, but our shoes are the most loyal part of our wardrobe because a pair of shoes that look and feel good can be expensive.

So if you want a change without resorting to buying a whole new pair, I’m going to show how you can switch up the look of your shoes with DIY shoe clips!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric 
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon
  • Pom poms 
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue 
  • Shoe clips

1. Ankara DIY bow shoe clip

Ankara fabric for the bow

For the first one, I have this Ankara fabric and I’m going to use it to make a bow. To do this, take your fabric and cut it into strips. 

Folding the Ankara fabric

Then, fold your fabric as if you were folding a letter.  

Applying hot glue to the folds

Apply hot glue to the inside fold to secure the two folds together.

Folding the Ankara fabric to make a bow

Now fold inwards at the center, so your fabric now appears like a small square. The fabric should only overlap a little bit, as there should be enough of a surface to apply hot glue. 

Hot gluing the center to secure

Apply hot glue to the middle to secure the fold.

Cutting a thin strip for the bow

Now take a thin strip of fabric and cut it to size. We’re going to use this to tie up our bow so it can hold its shape.  

Folding the fabric to make a bow shoe clip

Now we’re going to fold our fabric to achieve the fan look of a bow. To do this, fold the top down only a small amount. Flip the fabric over and fold the top down again.

Keep alternating folds until there’s nothing left to fold. 

Pinching the center to make a bow

Then, pinch the center and the sides of the bow should fan out like this. 

Hot gluing a strip to the center of the bow

Using the strip of fabric we cut previously, wrap the strip around the pinched center, and secure it with hot glue. 

Gluing the bow to a shoe clip

Take some shoe clips, open them up, and glue them to the center of the bow. That’s it for that bow! 

DIY Ankara bow shoe clips

2. Tulle DIY bow shoe clip

Folding the tulle to make a bow

Just like the previous bow, fold the tulle into a square but don’t apply any hot glue just yet. 

Pinching the tulle to make a knot

Pinch the tulle in the center, and twist it around itself to tie it in a knot. The more fabric that you use the bigger the bow is going to be, so make it as big or as small as you want.

Gluing the shoe clips to the center of the bow

Glue the shoe clips to the center of the bow and you’re done!

DIY tulle bow shoe clips

3. DIY pom-pom shoe clip

Making DIY pom-pom shoe clips

Next, we’re doing this fun DIY pom-pom shoe clip. I’m just using a pom-pom keyholder that I’ve taken the chain from and added some glue to the pom-pom. 

Gluing the pom-pom to the shoe clip

Glue the shoe clip to the center of the pom-pom, and that's it!

DIY pom-pom shoe clips

4. Ribbon DIY bow shoe clip

Cutting red ribbon pieces

Take some red ribbon and cut it into strips to the desired size. Each strip should be slightly smaller than the previous as shown here. I found laddering them like this was the best way to measure the size.

Folding and gluing the ribbon pieces together

Fold each of the ribbons to the center and add glue to secure the fold.

Stacking the ribbon pieces to make a bow

Stack them one on top of the other, securing them with glue. We’re creating a pyramid of sorts, so the largest should go on the bottom and the smallest on the top.  

Gluing small pearls to the center of the bow

Add some small pearls to the center just to give it some color. 

Gluing the shoe clips to the ribbon

Glue the shoe clips to the center, and that’s it!

DIY bow shoe clips with ribbon and pearls

How to make decorative shoe clips

This is the easiest way to change up your shoes, it’s so much fun, and it just looks great. The best part is you can turn one shoe into so many more!

Now that you know how to make decorative shoe clips, let me know which one you’re going to try out. 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon
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