Create Your Own UGG Fluff Yeah Fur Slippers With This Tutorial

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I’m a fan of the UGG Women’s Fluff Yeah Slide slippers. I think they’re adorable and look very comfortable. However, what I’m not a fan of, is using animal products for fashion, and so I set off to create my own version using only cruelty-free materials. I made these slippers with things I had around the house, so it didn’t cost me anything, but even if you need to buy some of the materials, your cost will still be minimal. So keep reading to see how I made these slippers and how they turned out!

Faux fur slippers materials

Tools and materials:

  • Faux leather bag
  • Faux fur sweater
  • Neck pillow
  • Interfacing
  • Flip flops
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Knife
  • Ruler
Faux fur slippers

Trace your foot

I started off by cutting open and taking apart my faux leather bag. Then I traced my foot onto one of the panels and cut out the outline and used it to cut out another matching one. 


DIY fur slippers

Cut the sweater

Once I had my outlines cut, I grabbed my faux fur sweater and cut off one of the sleeves. I removed the cuff and opened up the sleeve. I then traced the sole that I had cut out of the bag onto the open sleeve and cut those out. Next, I grabbed my measuring tape and measured the circumference of my sole and cut off strips of the sweater in that measurement.

DIY faux fur slippers

Take your measurements

The next thing I did was to measure the width at the middle and front of my foot, as well as the distance in between. Then I transferred those measurements onto paper and drew some inward curves at the top and bottom. I cut out the pattern and tested it on my foot. 

Faux UGG fur slippers

Trace your pattern

Now that I had my pattern, I was able to lie it down on the faux fur and trace around it so that I could cut it out. I needed two pieces for each foot. I then cut out the same pattern out of interfacing.

Homemade faux fur slippers

Make your ankle straps

Once my patterns were cut out, I took the cuffs that I had removed from the sleeves and tested them around my ankle. Happy with the fit, I folded them in half lengthwise and sewed it right sides together. Then I cut off the excess fabric and flipped them inside out with a safety pin and I was left with two ankle straps for my slippers.

Fake UGG slippers

Add the ankle strap

I took two of the middle parts and sewed them, right sides together, at the narrower edge. Then I took a strap and sandwiched it, open side out, in between the two layers, and sewed it all together. Once that was ready I filled it with interfacing and sewed horizontal lines onto the front for decoration.

Make your own slippers

Trace your flip flops

The next thing I did was to take apart my flip flops until I was left with just the soles. Then I traced them onto the soles that I had previously cut out, adding a centimeter for seam allowance, and cut them out. I repeated this process with the fur part of the sole, then I took the two fur strips and sewed the ends together so that I had a loop.

How to make fake UGG slippers

Create the heel

In order to create the heel, I traced the back of my flip flop onto the remainder of the faux leather bag. I used up the whole bag, leaving me with 22 pieces total, which I divided in half, using 11 pieces for each heel. I then glued all 11 pieces together, one on top of the other, to get a stable heel. 

Homemade slippers

Make the front of the sole

Now it was time to work on the front of my sole. I removed the foam from my neck pillow and cut it into the shape of my flip flop. I traced the sole and used a knife to continue cutting it down until I was left with just the front of the sole.

DIY slippers with faux fur

Assemble the sole

Once I had both pieces of the sole cut out, I assembled all the pieces of the sole so that I could determine how wide my loop would have to be to cover it all. I used a ruler to measure it and cut the loop to fit the measurement, then double-checked that it fit properly. 

Faux fur slipper DIY

Assemble the slippers

To assemble the slippers, I pinned the middle part onto the furry part of the sole, placed the loop right sides onto it, and sewed all along the edges. 

How to make faux fur slippers

Fill the slipper

Once the slipper was assembled, I sewed the outer sole part onto the slipper, right sides together, but leaving the front open. I then turned it inside out and filled it with the flip lop, the heel, and the foam. I tried it on and it was a little big on me, so I took the sides in a little bit.

DIY slipper

Glue the opening

Now that the slipper was filled with the sole, all that was left to do was to glue the opening closed. I used fabric glue, folding in the raw edges as I glued them down. I then repeated this for the second slipper, and my recreation was complete!

Completed faux fur slippers

There you have it! That’s how I recreated the UGG Fluff Yeah Slide slippers with all cruelty-free materials! I think the slippers came out super cute and I’m really happy with them. They are so warm and cozy and I really love them. They look pretty similar and cost me nothing to make since I already had the materials. All in all, I really enjoyed this project and am definitely looking forward to wearing my new slippers! You know I want to see your versions, so be sure to post a picture in the comments! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Faux leather bag
  • Faux fur sweater
  • Neck pillow
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