How to Make the Inside of Uggs Fluffy Again

Brooke Ressell
by Brooke Ressell

There’s nothing cozier than slipping a brand new pair of Ugg boots or slippers onto your feet, especially on a chilly day.

Uggs provide the ultimate fleece-lined support to your ankles, soles, and toes. The only downside to buying a brand new pair of Uggs is that, eventually, the fleecy inside will start to mat down.

When that happens, you’re suddenly left with footwear that doesn’t feel so comfy anymore. Thankfully, there is a fix to restoring the inside of your beloved Ugg boots or slippers.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make Ugg fur fluffy again with some easily-accessible tools and materials. We’ll also share plenty of tips to keep the softness intact for longer to keep your tootsies warm and cozy.

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Why does the inside of Uggs lose its fluff?

The inside of most Ugg products is made up of fleece, which loses its fluff over time as heat and friction cause the fleece to mat down.

The oils, sweat, and dirt in your feet also get trapped in the fleecy material—further breaking down the fluffiness that warms your feet.

How to make the inside of Uggs fluffy again with a pet brush

A pet brush can help you fluff up Ugg slippers again. Grab a pet brush you have lying around, clean it of any pet hair, and follow these instructions to fluff up the inside of your Uggs.

Tools and Materials List:

  • Uggs
  • Damp paper towel
  • Pet brush (also known as a slicker brush)
  • Hair dryer 

1. Dampen the fleece

Wipe down the fleece on the inside of your boots or slippers with a damp paper towel.

2. Comb the fleece

Using a clean pet brush, comb the fleece on the inside of your boots or slippers to remove any matting and tangling.

3. Fluff up the fleece

Once the fleece has been thoroughly combed through, fluff up the fleece by using the brush to make soft and fast strokes against the grain of the fleece.

4. Dry the fleece

Dry the fleece quickly with a hair dryer on cool. Make sure the air isn’t hot; this can damage the fleece’s fibers.

How to make the inside of Uggs fluffy again with shampoo

Not only will washing the inside of Uggs with shampoo disinfect them, but doing so can actually make Uggs soft again. The process is pretty simple.

This is a good method to follow if you feel that your Uggs need a good cleaning, too (like if they smell or are consistently damp with sweat).

Tools and Materials List:

1. Add shampoo

Fill a bowl with cool water and add a few drops of shampoo to it.

2. Dip a paper towel

Dip a paper towel in the soapy water and squeeze any excess water back into the bowl.

3. Dampen the fleece

Using the dampened paper towel, wipe down the fleece inside your Ugg boots or slippers. 

You may need to dampen the paper towel in soapy water and wipe down the fleece several times to thoroughly clean it depending on how dirty the fleece is.

4. Comb the fleece

Once the fleece is clean, use a pet brush to brush through any matting in the fleece.

5. Fluff the fleece

Next, fluff the fleece back up with the pet brush, using short and fast strokes through the fleece.

6. Dry the fleece

Dry the inside of the Uggs with a hair dryer on its coolest setting.

baking soda being poured into Ugg boots

How to deodorize and fluff Uggs with baking soda

With a little baking soda and these simple steps, you can make your slippers or boots feel (almost) as fresh as the day you got them.

While baking soda isn’t the best method for making Uggs fluffy again, it does deodorize the inside of your boots or slippers and can help de-mat fleece and prevent it from matting down in the future.

Tools and Materials List:

  • Uggs
  • Baking soda 
  • Vacuum with brush attachment

1. Add baking soda

Pour ½ cup of baking soda inside of each Ugg boot or slipper.

2. Let it sit

Let the baking soda sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb odors in the shoes along with any dampness that might be lingering.

3. Remove baking soda

The next day, use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove the baking soda from inside each Ugg boot or slipper.

4. Fluff the fleece

Fluff up the fleece with the brush on the vacuum.

More Uggs care tips

Now that you know how to fluff your Uggs and deodorize them when they get smelly, there are some care tips for your boots and slippers that will help them stay fluffier for longer:

  • Regular deodorizing, cleaning, and brushing will prevent most matting from occurring.
  • It’s always best to use cold water to wash Uggs. Anything warm or hot has the ability to manipulate the fibers of the fleece, which can cause matting.
  • When cleaning Ugg footwear, wipe or blot gently. Do not scrub or rub, or you risk tangling the fleece together.
  • Don’t machine wash your Uggs.
  • Avoid using any cleaning products on Uggs that are not rated for sheepskin or fleece.
  • Do not over-soak fleece when cleaning any part of an Ugg shoe. A dampened paper towel will suffice.
  • When fluffing the fleece, comb it in one direction only.
  • After washing the inside of your Uggs, let them dry completely before wearing them again. Drying fleece quickly with a hair dryer will prevent it from smelling mildewy later on.
  • Store your Uggs in a cool and dry place.

Have you successfully made the inside of your Uggs fluffy again? Tell us how you did it in the comments below!

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    Thank you for these very useful tips.

  • Paula Bois-Brady Paula Bois-Brady on Jan 13, 2024

    Wiping the fleece with a damp microfiber towel each time after wearing them and a quick 1 minute brushing will keep your uggs like new. Learned this from an old Alaska native when I bought my first uggs. That's how they keep their Beaver skin Mukluks from matting down. Crucial to keeping feet from freezing.