How to Use Shaving Cream and Pigment Dyes to Dye Your Canvas Shoes

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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Yes! Shaving Cream! Who knew? You may have but I sure didn’t have any idea. I think this could make a very cool one of a kind gift idea. It does take a bit of time so you should plan ahead if you want to do this project. The instructions that I was following said to leave it in the shaving cream for a week. I don’t have that kind of patience. I started this project on Friday and come Tuesday morning, I could wait no more.

I had a little trouble finding canvas tennis shoes but then good ole Target must have had a truck come in the day that I looked because they were fully stocked in every size.

Here are the supplies that I used. For me when I am dying clothes, picking the colors is the hardest part. I picked a favorite shirt for inspiration on what colors to use together. A can of shaving cream, a tub to put the shoes in, pigment powder, plastic gloves and shoes.

I used just regular masking tape to tape the soles of the shoes.

I thought this might be very time consuming but it went rather quickly.

A lot of the tutorials that I saw taped off the inside as well but I didn’t think it was necessary because who really sees the inside of your shoe. I did kind of change my mind and I will explain why later on.

Fill the tub with shaving cream and sprinkle with the dye powder. I forgot to take a picture but it is in the video.

Next I put the shoes in canvas side down.

Wrap with plastic wrap. Regular plastic wrap works just fine, I just happened to have moving wrap. Now you wait, I waited 4 days and I am curious if there would have been a big difference if I had waited a week.

It’s been four days and I’m ready to rinse.

It’s really so cool to see the end result. Now why would I tape off the inside next time? A lot of dye soaked into the padded insole and it took five-ever (longer than forever😊) to rinse it out.

What do you think?

Here’s a good before and after. What colors should I do next time because you know I can’t wait to do more of these!

Suggested materials:
  • Canvas shoes   (Target)
  • Pigment dyes   (Dharma Trading Company)
  • Shaving cream   (Walmart)
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