How To: Easy Diagonal Seam Two-Tone Skirt With Elasticated Waist

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by Contour Affair

I did a quick story on the making of this skirt some weeks ago, but here's the more accessible version too. This is an awesome scrap project, you could even do the upper part in one fabric, and then the front and back pieces of the lower part in another.


  • (Ideally the same or same weight) fabric in two tones, about 65 cm of one, and 1 m of the other (110 cm width)
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Pins
  • Thread & Sewing machine

I. I first cut two upper skirt pieces (as if making a mini skirt), sewed the sides, and folded the waistline twice to make a casing (just a bit wider than the size of my elastic). Measurements reflect EU36/US4-6.

Here's a closeup of the casing, remember to leave a gap in the stitch to insert your elastic from with a safety pin.

I also secured the elastic with a top stitch to prevent it from twisting around (to do this just stretch the elastic out as you're sewing a straight stitch over).

III. Next I made the second piece - I cut two pieces at a slight A-line, matching the width at the top to the hem width of the upper skirt piece. Sewed the side seams (leaving one side open from above the knee so I could do a slit there).. And then cut both at the same angle to create the diagonal join.

IV. Pinned them right sides facing and sewed + pressed.. And finished my slit with a double-fold.

V. Last bonus step - I had miscalculated the length and wanted a full ankle length, so needed to add a a little extension piece. I didn't have any of the dotted fabric left, so had to use a solid one.. but I quite like the detail it added.



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  • Dot Dot on Sep 21, 2021

    The skirt is cute. Just wondering if there is something wrong with your heels. You are walking on your tiptoes in all your pictures.

    • Contour Affair Contour Affair on Sep 22, 2021

      If you've ever tried walking outside on tiles in the Dubai heat, you'd know:)

  • Heather Heather on Sep 21, 2021

    Wow, that looks great! And you wear it well! I’m not confident about my sewing skills, but you have inspired me to try this.