Sew Your Own Super Simple Skirt

3 Materials
1 Hour

This skirt is so simple to make and is great for summer (or winter) depending on your choice of fabric. Great for kids skirts too. If you need any further help with this just take a look at my blog at Christine's Crafts.

You only need basic sewing skills and away you go. No pattern needed!

Simply fold your fabric in half along its length, right sides facing, and pin along the edge.

Sew your seam and then neaten it with a zig zag stitch. 

Along the top of your ‘tube’ of fabric fold and press a small hem, approximately 0.4″ wide. Make sure you turn it towards the wrong side of the fabric (towards the seam(s)).

Now fold your ‘hem’ over again and make sure you turn it far enough to take your elastic. In my case my ‘hem’ is 1.4″ wide to take the 0.75″ wide elastic. Press it.

Sew along the edge of the hem to secure it and form a tube to take the elastic. Leave a gap at least 3″ wide to put the elastic through. 

Thread the elastic in through the tube. Once your elastic is through pull it to the correct size for your waist.

Check your skirt fits your waist by trying it on. Sew the ends of the elastic together securely so that they will not pull undone. Trim off any spare elastic.

Ensure the elastic is sitting neatly inside the ‘hem’ and sew up the gap in the seam.

All you need to do now is hem your skirt to your chosen length. Try your skirt on and decide on the length you want. Mark this length and take the skirt off. Turn up the hem to that length. The hem should be a double turn up on the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure it is level. If you have too much fabric then trim it down to a sensible amount for a hem. Try it on again before you sew your hem!

Well done! You now have a completed skirt that you can wear anywhere. And because it is elasticated it is so comfortable!

If you want further guidance and help making your skirt then take a look at my blog post with more hints and tips at Christine's Crafts.

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton Fabric   (Amazon)
  • Elastic   (Amazon)
  • White Thread   (Amazon)

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