Colorblocking For Spring... What Is It And How Can You Try It?

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

The dictionary will describe colourblocking as...


noun: color-blocking

  1. (in fashion and design) the use of contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright colour."

And it's a super fun way to style a look.

While it may seem easy, it's a technique that can fall completely flat if a few simple guidelines aren't followed.

But don't worry... I'll lay out those guidelines for you now.

The first and most important rule is to use solid pieces. It's rare that prints or patterns work well when color-blocking.

You can see this outfit (above) does this well, pairing a solid orange blouse, with a green skirt, and blue heels.

The other key is vibrancy.

You want the colors to be bold, bright, and attention-grabbing.

Once these two conditions are met, you can decide which of the following methods you want to use for the outfit:

Analogous Colors

This method uses three or more colors that are "analogous" on the color wheel.

This ensures that even though there is a lot of use of color, none are clashing from the rest. They all work beautifully together.

Use the Adobe color wheel to determine analogous colors, then pull items from your wardrobe this way!

Complementary Colors

Using the same Adobe color wheel, I select on the side the option to look at complimentary colors. These are colors on opposite sides of the color wheel from each other.

You might think that being opposites, they would clash too much, but actually, some of the best color-blocked looks employ this method!

The colorful spring flowers are blossoming and now you can too!

Let me know how colorblocking goes for you.


Ms. Melior

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