Elevate Your Minimalist Outfits

Ashlynne Eaton
by Ashlynne Eaton

Often, when we think of a minimalist wardrobe we think of plain and boring but that is not the case! Even with a very simple wardrobe, there are some easy things you can do to take your outfits from simple to chic.

Minimalist wardrobe women

Add layers and textures 

Adding layers and textures can add dimension to an outfit without making it too cluttered. Textures and layers add visual interest without making you look too busy. In the winter I love doing this by adding knits and sweaters that have different textures to my looks. 

Minimalist capsule wardrobe

Another great way to do this is by adding a scarf or beanie to your outfit. During winter there are a lot of options for layering and a lot of fun textures to work with. 

Wear different textures

You can use this tip in the summer as well! Some of my favorite summer looks include pairing a woven top with a canvas pair of shorts or a silk camisole with a pair of jeans. Playing around and experimenting is key for this tip to work. 

Accessorize with jewelry

Remember the finishing touches 

Another way to elevate your minimalist outfits is to always remember the finishing touches. Jewelry is a great finishing touch to any outfit. What I love about jewelry is that it makes an outfit feel more polished and put together. I always think it’s worth investing in jewelry that is of higher quality and designed to last. 

Finish a look with rings

These Ana Luisa rings are a great finishing touch to any look because they are so easy to put on and make such a huge difference to any outfit. 

Minimalist wardrobe essentials

Eliminate wrinkles

This tip is all about making the most of the pieces you wear. Whether it’s a basic white T-shirt or a silk camisole, crisp, wrinkle-free clothing takes a look to a totally elevated level. A portable, hand-held steamer is a game-changer for wrinkled clothing. It is so easy and quick to use and makes all the difference in creating more polished looks. 

Choose the right shoes

Pay attention to shoes 

In the same way that jewelry can really elevate an outfit, shoes can do the same thing. Even if you are wearing a really casual, simple outfit, adding the perfect pair of shoes can just take the look to a whole new level. 

The minimalist wardrobe

When I look for shoes, I usually try and look for a timeless pair that has an interesting detail or feature. This works so well if you can find the shoes in your color palette or personal style. 

Do the half-tuck

Tuck, knot, and roll

The idea behind this tip is that different styling details can really add a lot of polish and personality to any outfit. I am a big fan of the half-tuck which is something I do when I am wearing a sweater or shirt. It’s a great way to highlight the waist, elongate your legs, and make the outfit feel more put together. 

Tie a knot

Often during the summer, I like to knot my tops and T-shirts. This works especially well if you are wearing an oversized top because it makes it look more fitted. The front knot creates flattering lines that give your outfit a made-for-you feel. 

Women’s minimalist wardrobe

When it comes to pants I use the same trick time and time again. I always roll my jeans and pants. Not only does it help because I am on the shorter side, but it just makes the look a little bit more intended. These tips are my go-to when it comes to styling minimalist outfits! Let me know which tip you found to be the most useful in the comments!

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