Casual Chic Style Lookbook for Always Looking Polished

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In this style guide, Giedre is going to show you how to adopt formal pieces for a more casual summer setting. If you’re looking to attain that casual chic style that is relaxed yet polished, this lookbook will provide you with the ideas you need.

Striped outfit

Stripes are a very classic print that you can easily dress up or down. In the more formal look, the model is wearing a striped top with some fitted pants and pointed-toe shoes. A structured leather bag and statement black and white necklace finish the outfit off.

To dress down the look for summer, the striped white top works beautifully well with white shorts. Boat shoes tie in with the nautical theme of the top and a woven straw bag completes the outfit and makes it perfect for a seaside setting. 

Soft pastel color shirt outfit

Here the model is wearing a smart shirt in a soft pastel color, with some fitted cream trousers and beige flats. 

To dress the look down, Giedre styled the shirt by popping on a white t-shirt underneath, opening the top buttons, and knotting it at the waist. Sneakers add comfort to the outfit and bring a modern vibe.

Long shorts outfit

The previous outfit is feminine, flowy, and beautiful for the summer but to dress it down Giedre switched out the skirt for some long shorts. The shorts take the outfit from evening-glam to comfortable day-to-day. The wide fit makes them nice and breezy for the summer.

Unbottoned shirt outfit

In the previous look, the model is wearing a smart-casual outfit that is perfect for Fridays in the office.

To create something lighter and more summer appropriate, Giedre removed the blazer and unbuttoned the shirt. An unbuttoned shirt, especially one in a lightweight fabric, creates a laid-back feel and is great for layering on top of a t-shirt.

Finishing off the look is a crossbody bag and a pair of comfy sandals.

Striped shirt outfit

Here the model is wearing a beautiful formal outfit, including a blue and white striped shirt, a blue blazer, some fitted beige pants, and black heels.

The wonderful thing about shirts is that they are so versatile. They are great for wearing to the office, but you can also utilize them in your downtime as well.

Here, Giedre styled it with a white t-shirt underneath and unbuttoned the top buttons to create more of an open neckline. The rolled-up sleeves of the shirt are matched with the rolled-up pants for an easy-going aesthetic. The model then has some boat shoes on her feet which tie in nicely with the blue in the shirt. 

Blue fitted pants outfit

Here, the model is wearing fitted blue pants, a white blouse, a blue pinstripe blazer, and some black heels. Giedre transformed the blazer from smart to casual by rolling up the sleeves to reveal the colorful inside lining.

She then added a pair of red sneakers to the look for a fun pop of color and of course, they match nicely with the pink lining of the blazer. Keeping the main body of the outfit in neutral colors ensures that the bright colors don’t look too overpowering. 

Kimono outfit

Last but not least, here the model began with a semi-formal outfit that is perfect for more casual days in the office.

While Giedre has shown that you can incorporate a blazer into a more casual look, here she switched out the blazer for a beautiful lightweight kimono that instantly creates a relaxed, boho vibe. The light brown straw bag nicely ties in with the yellow tones in the kimono. Once again, Giedre rolled up the bottom of the pants to make them feel a little less structured.

Casual chic style

Giedre hopes that you’ve found these tips for how to dress down your formal pieces helpful. There are many ways you can incorporate smart pieces into casual looks to get maximum versatility out of them.

Why not try pulling out some pieces that you’d typically wear to the office and see how you can style them for the weekend? Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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