How to Build a Wardrobe You Love in 4 Simple Steps

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick

How we feel when we open our closets in the morning speaks volumes about where we are with our sense of style. Some people might feel as though they’ve lost their sense of style, whereas others might feel completely happy with theirs.

I hear you saying in order to have a wardrobe that we love, all we have to do is fill it with clothes that we love. While that's absolutely right, there's a caveat there which is that not everyone knows what they love. In this tutorial, I’m going to discuss how to build a wardrobe that you love now and for many years to come.

How to build a classic wardrobe

1. Get rid of everything you don't love 

First, you need to give your wardrobe a thorough clean-out. We may not know what we love but we certainly know what we don't love.

If you haven't worn something in a long while chances are you don't love it, it could be the color, it could be that it’s out of style, it could be that it doesn't fit you anymore, whatever the reason is, go ahead and weed that out of your wardrobe. This process is also a fantastic way to clean your mind; call it a wardrobe feng shui if you will.

Ask yourself why you haven't worn a piece in a long time. When you answer the question, patterns might start to emerge and this will help you detect the mistakes and stop making them over and over again.

Basic pieces to build a wardrobe

2. Build a solid foundation. 

Just like a house, a wardrobe needs a solid foundation otherwise it falls apart. To build this foundation, you want a good number of classic pieces in neutral tones.

Open your wardrobe and assess whether you have enough of these classic pieces and if you haven't then you know what you need to fix.

How to find your style

3. Take your lifestyle into account 

Comfort is absolutely key. What's the use of having a wardrobe full of sky-high heels if you’re on your feet all day, or high-maintenance clothes if you have a physically demanding job?

Where you spend most of your time and what your main activities are important to consider to ensure that you build your wardrobe accordingly.

Identify your signature style

4. Identify your style 

I have to admit that identifying your style is easier said than done. Even I, who you might think has it all sorted out when it comes to style, only recently admitted that I actually like to feel sexy, believe it or not, but part of me thought that it wasn’t a good thing to think that we can be sexy after 50, which is crazy.

We harbor these types of assumptions in our heads but we have to learn to overcome them.

Fashion for women over 50

Identify the style or styles that you’re most attracted to. Identify the pieces that scream out at you and that make your heart sing. If you aren't sure, pay attention to the compliments you get to see if there's a pattern.

For instance, if you get compliments every time you wear a certain top or a dress, think it through. Is it the shape that is flattering? Is it the color that compliments your natural coloring? Is it the style, or a combination of all?

Also, it's extremely important to notice how you feel when you wear those pieces because they boost your confidence, you feel good and you walk tall, so double down on them. Perhaps try different colors in the same style. 

Another stage when it comes to identifying your style is to have a think: do you prefer bold colors or pastels? Prints or solid colors? Whatever you answer, is this part of your current wardrobe? If not, then go ahead and pursue those relentlessly.

If, for example, you love bold colors but you feel too intimidated to wear them, that's probably because you don't have a solid foundation yet. By having a classic foundation in neutral colors, you will be able to add bold colors and make them your signature style.

How to build a wardrobe you love

A great example of a signature style is the 80-20 ratio, 80% of your outfit should be composed of neutral tones and then the remaining 20% of your signature style can be in the form of a trend, a bold color, a pattern, or anything else.

How to build a wardrobe you love

I hope that you have found this style guide on how to build a wardrobe that you love helpful. By taking these tips on board, you will stop buying what doesn't work for you, enabling you to save time and money. You will also discover your signature style and end up looking and feeling amazing.

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    Beautiful ! The look is classy and classical thank you for sharing your insights.

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    Good morning, Leslie! Lovely to hear from you and so happy to hear you like what I'm doing here :)