10 Essential Secrets of Style Every Woman Should Know

In this tutorial, I'll be sharing 10 of my best style secrets, which have totally changed the way I dress. From how to dress simple but stylish to choosing the right investment piece, here are 10 everyday fashion tips all women should know.

Style tips for women

1. Balance timelesness with trends

I try not to let trends dictate what I buy. You don’t have to follow every single trend if it just doesn’t work for you. I tend to follow a ratio: 10% following the trends, 90% what is my signature style, and that seems to keep me in check.

You should wear what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel good about yourself, what flatters your figure, and then the trick is to simply sprinkle in some of the trends each season. 

A beautiful tailored coat is an investment

2. Invest in key items

I like to invest in a great tailored coat or a blazer, a beautiful handbag, and a great pair of shoes. Everything else that you’re wearing you can save on.

If you throw into the mix a couple of investment pieces, you will elevate all your outfits.

A beautifully tailored winter coat will see you through every single season, and you’ll find that you can mix and match a beautifully tailored blazer with all different things; it’s one of those go-to pieces. Look for the best quality within your budget.

Neutral tones always work in an outfit

3. Opt for neutrals

If in doubt, stick with neutrals: navy, black, white, beige, camel, gray, etc. They always look chic and effortless, and they form the core of your capsule wardrobe.

Once you have that, then you can add colors into the mix. Go for texture, quality, and the nicest fabrics that you can afford.

Fashion tips for women

4. Forget your age

Don’t let age dictate what you think you can and can’t wear. Just follow what flatters you, what makes you feel good about yourself, and what makes you feel that you’ve got a bit of a spring in your step. Your own signature style will develop from that point.

Emma Stone dress at the Golden Globes

5. Subtle is sexy

Sexy for me is not about what’s on display; it’s about what’s left unsaid.

A perfect example of this is this shot of Emma Stone at the Golden Globes. She’s wearing a beautiful floor-length dress by Calvin Klein, but as you can see, her whole chest is completely covered; there is no cleavage whatsoever. The whole dress at the front is very plain.

But as she turns, it’s got this beautiful open back showing that lovely feminine silhouette, and that’s what I think is sexy. She looks understated, elegant, timeless, on-trend, and she looks sexy in a very plain dress.

Classic style tips for women's fashion

6. Confidence is key

Perfecting the undone look is hard to get right, and I think a lot of it stems from confidence.

Having that conviction that “yeah, this is exactly how I meant to look'' makes you stand a little taller, makes you feel more confident within yourself, and then others believe it because you believe it.

Keep your hair tousled, your makeup natural and understated, and that creates the most attractive look.

How to style flat shoes and look formal

7. Embrace flats

Be it pretty ballerinas, a gorgeous pair of sandals, or a lovely pointed-toe pair of flats; they can change the dynamic of an outfit and look far more chic than you would think.

Personally, I love flats, and I wear them far more than I ever wear heels. I’m obsessed with nude and taupe and camel, and all of those gorgeous shades in between.

Play it safe, keep it classic and choose tones that you know will work with most of the wardrobe you’ve already got.

Red lipstick always looks chic

8. The perfect red lip

A bit of red lipstick is the perfect day-to-night transition; it can completely transform your entire outfit. I always use a brush when I’m doing a statement lip, so I can follow the line exactly around my lips.

You don’t need to put on any extra makeup anywhere else; it’s just about the lipstick.

Everyday fashion tips

9. Buy underwear that fits perfectly

Get yourself some great-fitting underwear and it will change the whole look of your outfit from the inside out. A well-fitted bra will make all of your clothes drape in all the right places.

It might only be you who knows you’re wearing beautiful underwear, but that again gives you inner confidence with whatever you’re wearing.

Also, having some flesh-colored bras and pants in your collection is really handy; it's the only color that works under white.

Simple fashion tips

10. Embrace imperfections

My nose is a bit wonky, my ears stick out, and my teeth aren’t perfectly straight, but if I corrected all of my imperfections, would I feel that it was truly me? I turned 40 recently, and I have the odd wrinkle or two around my eyes, but it’s almost like they’re the map of who I am. 

Style secrets for women

I hope you enjoyed these 10 fashion tips and styling advice I've learned from my experience over the years. Please let me know what your top style secret is in the comment below.

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